Washington refuses to hold early elections in Iraq

Baghdad scales News
He confirmed the US Embassy in Baghdad, on Friday, its support and its commitment to the parliamentary elections in Iraq on schedule, in a position he considered an Iraqi official support of the prime minister, Haydar al-Abadi.

The embassy said in a press statement that Ambassador Stewart Jones, met in Baghdad head of the Iraqi Electoral Commission, Serbest Mustafa.
According to the statement, Jones stressed that, during the meeting, that his country "has always stressed to Iraqi officials on the importance of holding elections on schedule, and also confirms its full support for the independence of the Independent Electoral Commission, as endorsed by the Iraqi constitution."

He praised Jones, according to the statement, the "Independent Electoral Commission work," expressing his "target workers by Daash terrorist".

And Dan Jones "killings that targeted more than 300 former UNHCR staff by Daash in Nineveh province," adding that this work "criminal but rather reflects the persistence Daash in practice brutality and inhuman ... and prevent the Iraqis to exercise their democratic right to elect their leaders ".anthy 29 / d 25