Kirkuk wake up on robberies and kidnappings exercised by the armed gangs wearing military uniforms

Kirkuk - Iraq-Presse - September 18 / September witnessed Kirkuk morning, Friday, events described Palmqlqh been the emergence of gangs unidentified are engaging in armed robberies and abductions of military clothing, where a security source in the province of Kirkuk, stealing 70 thousand dollars from his banking office, city center by unknown gunmen. The source continued, "The unidentified gunmen intercepted, wheel driven by a banking office in Jerusalem Street, the center of the city of Kirkuk and stole 70 thousand dollars," pointing out that "the gunmen fled to an unknown destination without disclosure of their identity." In a separate security context of the source continued, "The gunmen wearing military uniforms, have hijacked a person from his home east of Kirkuk, after stealing money and gold jewelry and fled to an unknown destination. Abizaid, said that "armed men wearing military uniforms stormed at dawn today, a home teacher Qadisiyah district, east of Kirkuk and kidnapped the owner of the house," adding that they "stole $ 34 thousand dollars and eight million dinars, gold and jewelry,"