Washington: always emphasize to Iraqi officials to hold elections, the timing set


[Baghdad-where] the US ambassador to Iraq, Stuart Jones, the United States was keen on holding the elections in Iraq on schedule confirmed. The political blocs have recently called for early elections to break the political crises. And the transfer of US embassy statement received by the agency all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, Jones said during a meeting with the President of the Electoral Commission Serbest Mustafa, "The United States always stress to Iraqi officials of various stripes Political the importance of holding elections on schedule, and also confirms its full support for the independence of the Electoral Commission for elections as approved by the Iraqi constitution.
"He praised the American ambassador," the work of the Electoral Commission for elections and condemned the targeting of personnel by Daash.
"discussed the Ambassador with the President Commission "workflow Commission and the celebration of a ten-year-old from the US partnership with UNHCR."
He praised the US ambassador, "the courage of UNHCR and the services they provide personnel," adding "they often risked their lives over and over again in order to guarantee the rights of all Iraqis to choose their government through free and transparent electoral process. "As Ambassador condemned" the killing, which targeted more than 300 former UNHCR staff by Daash in Nineveh province, "noting that" this criminal act reflects once again the extent to which the Sttmady Daash of brutal and practices humane lead to terrorize the local population and prevent the Iraqis to exercise their democratic right to elect their leaders ".