Parliamentary Finance: employees' salaries will boost the budget of 2016

BAGHDAD / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network (IMN) - the parliamentary finance committee, said that salaries of employees will be strengthened to balance in 2016, indicating that the figures in the draft budget prepared by the Ministry of Finance project will change.

Said committee member Abdul Qader Mohammed's (IMN) "Although the financial and economic situation that Iraq is going through now, the work being to strengthen the salaries of state employees and not compromising in next year's budget in 2016," noting that "the salaries for all the red line".

Mohammed said that "the figures reported by the draft federal budget stomach project by the Ministry of Finance will see large-scale changes, particularly with respect to the total mass of the budget and the fiscal deficit," pointing out that "the figures released by the Ministry of Almallih subject to change in the Council of Ministers and the House of Representatives."

"There are financial and economic crisis in the country, but the situation is not as bad as the perception by some, and the government and parliament will work on the preparation of the draft budget law be tailored to the economic situation."

Predicted Iraq's draft budget for next year in 2016, a deficit of 29.4 trillion dinars (25.81 billion dollars), which proposed the budget size of 113.5 trillion Iraqi dinars (99.65 billion dollars).

The draft budget also provides for the continuation of the agreement concluded in late 2014 with the Kurdistan region, which stipulates that the Government of the Territory, to export up to 550 thousand barrels per day of oil for the benefit of the Iraqi government in return for the grant of Baghdad to Arbil, 17 percent of the budget payments.