The religious authority calls for the government to stimulate the private sector and provide jobs for the unemployed

Karbala - scales News - He invited the representative of the foremost authority in the holy city of Karbala Ahmed Safi, on Friday, the state to relieve placed upon it by activating the unemployed private sector, calling for the provision of job opportunities for those who are unemployed and have no jobs provide them with a decent living.

Safi said during a Friday sermon in the dish-Husseini al-Sharif pursued / scales News /, there was "no doubt that there are economic problems faced by the country and the state burdened with many obligations It is not known the improved economic situation quickly, calling for the state to ease the weight of all placed upon it and the opening of the private sector and to reconsider Hail to other laws stand in front of the revitalization of this sector."

The representative of the upper reference, that "to make way for the private sector industrially and agriculturally and commercially positive repercussions on the country, calling on the government to provide jobs for those who are unemployed and can not find jobs provide them with a decent living."

He pointed to the net, that "the private sector help solve these problems as long as the development of appropriate mechanisms for its work so as not to become an outlet for the exploitation of citizens and steal their money," .anthy 29/28