Zamili reveals the officer arrested and a number of protection and Minister of Education because of the assault on the two deputies

Thursday 17 September 2015 | 08:07 evening

BAGHDAD / .. The chairman of the Security and Defense Committee of quitting, Thursday, for a captain and a number of protection and education minister arrested for assaulting MPs inside the ministry building.

Said Zamili for "Eye Iraq News," that "a number of members of the Commission on Security and Defense parliamentary deputies abused visited the Ministry of Education to investigate the accident assault," noting that "the minister Protection beat the MP Haider Mawla and fired in the air against two deputies in Parliament carrying parliamentary immunity and represent the people. "

He said the "investigation is continuing with the detainees Among the aggressors on the deputy civil servant working in the minister's office, a fugitive."

The MP for the coalition of state law, the emotions of a blessing, announced on Wednesday (16 September 2015), for exposure and MP Haider to the Lord and the abduction of two assassination attempts by "armed group" within the Ministry of Education building in Baghdad.

And the face of the Minister of Education Mohammad Iqbal face, yesterday, to conduct an immediate investigation into "the misunderstanding that has occurred in the ministry with a number of protections of Representatives," as instructed to take the necessary measures against elements of "abusive" and referred to the arrest and investigation.

And cost the deputy speaker of parliament Humam Hamoudi, yesterday, the Security and Defense Committee and the Parliamentary Education to pursue the assault on MPs, while the Interior Ministry announced on Thursday, for the Commission to be sent to the Ministry of Education to investigate the incident. Ended 9