Vice reveals new details for "National Guard Law"


He favored a member of the security and defense committee in Parliament MP Majid Gharrawi, Thursday, not the passage of the Law of the National Guard during the current period, attributing the cause to fear that the majority of the House of Representatives that the law creates a zonal armies and the division of Iraq.
Gharrawi said, "The draft of the National Guard law inscribed on the corridors of the House of Representatives will not acknowledge during the current time," explaining that "through brief us on most of the House of Representatives, they are not with the approval, the center of the large on the government for approval pressures."
Ghraoui He added that "the reason for not coming back for approval of legislation for fear of Representatives and be the beginning of the division of Iraq and the establishment of some armies in certain areas and supports unilaterally away from the Iraqi government."
The House of Representatives decision of the Attorney Niazi architecture Ihsanoglu announced, on Wednesday, the National Guard that the draft law still has to security and defense committee in Parliament, while pointing to the existence of a new law on the proposals made ​​by the deputies group.
He revealed Ihsanoglu, in (3 September 2015), about the dispute over the project of the National Guard Law points, noting that those points relating to the powers of stirring pieces Guard and specifications of the General Commander of the National Guard.
The President of the House of Representatives Saleem al-Jubouri was considered, in (2 September 2015), the National Guard is the "building block basis" to proceed to the liberalization of land from the control of the organization "Daash" process, while other blocks objected to it strongly, indicating it causes internal strife.