Sadr's suspension prevents Photos Sadrists symbols within government departments and calls for accountability of offenders

Alsumaria News / Baghdad
He called the leader of Sadr Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr , on Thursday, the Committee on "fight Doaash corruption" of the stream to the call and to hold accountable all of the offers to suspend Photos Sadrists symbols within government departments, stressing that "it is strictly prohibited," while warning the exploitation of those images for "worldly ends." Sadr said in replying to a question by one of his followers on the suspension Photos Al-Sadr in government institutions and received Alsumaria News, a copy of it, that the suspension of those pictures "inside government departments such as the ministries, hospitals, schools and others is strictly prohibited, and as I understand that it does so wants to exploit its objectives for the mundane ", noting that" the brotherhood of the Committee for the fight against corruption Doaash summoned and questioned him and hold him accountable. "
He added that putting pictures of al-Sadr "in public places like streets, malls and roads needs to control severe and follow-up by the Najaf office to maintain the prestige of the images in all respects and not to be found in Dharrah and other areas."

He said al-Sadr, that "the order of the image through modern computing programs and this does not Nrtadhah only to the extent necessary, some image there is a real Al-Sadr us or Mntbah ideas childish and reckless all of which must be prevented."

The description in the chest (July 11, 2015), taking advantage of Photos "gentlemen" to bypass the inspection of cargo at military checkpoints as "spoilers".

It is noteworthy that al-Sadr announced in the (June 11, 2015), the launch of a massive campaign under the name "Woe to Doaash corruption", and among the campaign will strike "with an iron fist" on who gets what of the poor, confirmed that the first step represented the arrest of "misguided handful."