Fair access to free Baghdad during Eid

The Ministry of Commerce has decided to open the doors of the Baghdad International Fair in front of families and to enjoy the free entertainment and roaming throughout the days of Eid al-Adha. The general director of the General Company for Iraqi Fairs inside Jawad said in a statement (events and evenings will be joined on this occasion for families for free as well as to enjoy the musical fountains and screens, entertaining display), adding that (this initiative which comes in light of the difficult security conditions taking place in the country is the challenge of terrorism who wants Nile from our beloved country). He said Jawad that (the company at a high coordination with security agencies to create safe conditions for those families that will enjoy and having fun in the corridors of the exhibition during the days of Happy Eid), pointing out that (this it would be a good sign for families with limited incomes to enjoy the evenings and watch the various offers that will provide them for free.