Sonar fake money laundering for the killing of thousands of Iraqis .. Real Estate and projects in Jordan between Dabbas and Ibn al-Jabri scandal

Date: 09/17/2015

Palm-flourishing fruits of money stolen through a deal in fake explosives detector for stocks and real estate in the Jordanian capital, Amman, to those responsible for the import "sonar" that has killed hundreds of Iraqis, the lack of effectiveness in detecting car bombs and explosives.

Media sources have revealed in the Jordanian capital of Amman that "the volcano", is the son of director general of anti-explosives former, Maj. Gen. Jihad al-Jabri sentenced to prison for his role in the importation of sonar fake, owns properties in Amman, and most recently to buy an apartment in a luxury neighborhood in the Jordanian capital, an amount exceeding half million dollars.

The sources said that the Iraqis are trading commercial projects with a businessman involved in the import Detector fake, Fadel Al Dabbas.

The source said the Iraqis in the Jordanian capital Amman, trade on news of the volcano owning a luxury car, the price exceeded the percent thousand dollars, also known for his red nights, and its relations with women, and projects with commercial Fadel Al Dabbas.

And void from the volcano Baghdadi screen that promote accused of corruption, claiming that his father was "innocent" of the charge against him, also he claimed that the duration of criminal record and his father ended not being released yet. As Iraqis wondered among themselves about the source of the enormous financial wealth. "

The source said that al-Jabri had bought a building in Amman after the deal directly. "

According to the source, the "this young man who owns millions is a partner of Nasib Fadel Al Dabbas in a trading company in Jordan," while the source also revealed, "Dabbas around from Lebanon to Dubai, at the time, about $ 7 million is Jawad al-Bolani's share of the deal."

Jawad al-Bolani and served as interior minister, in the first government of al-Maliki for the period from 2006 to 2010.

Revealed "obelisk" in several reports, from private sources, and irrefutable documents about the deal and his godfather. It was the first accused is the general manager of the fight against explosives, Major General Jihad al-Jabri, who deceived the Ministry of Planning and promoted the merchandise Fadel Al Dabbas corrupt group, which asked the Ministry of Planning and Development Cooperation its letter in a number 4/7/7592 03/07/2008, Document No. 1 from the Ministry of the Interior providing specifications sonar device detector for explosives and mobile on the wheel. "

Competent integrity issues, the Court issued in 2012, a sentence of four years on the director general of the fight against explosives, Major General Jihad al-Jabri was convicted issues of corruption related with explosives detection, announced Judge Abdul Sattar Bayraktar, spokesman for the Supreme Judicial Council for the verdict on al-Jabri after being found guilty of corruption.

The Court of Appeal Rusafa has issued in the (February 10, 2011) a decision to detain Maj. Gen. Jihad al-Jabri and prevent him from traveling outside Iraq until the completion of investigations into the case against the background of the call provided by the Integrity Commission based on the reports filed by the Inspector General of the Interior Ministry Aqeel Turaihi in 2010, to the Minister Interior and the Integrity Commission regarding suspicions of major corruption marred the purchase of explosive detection devices and lack of efficiency and value of the contracts, pointing out in a timely manner to the involvement of senior officials in the Ministry of Interior on this issue.

Press sources revealed, in July 2014 for the International Police, "Interpol" has issued an arrest warrant against Iraqi businessman Fadel Ali Dabbas and his brother on the back of the issue of financing for the deal and fake explosives detector that has killed thousands of Iraqis.

The sources said in a media interview that "there is an arrest warrant issued by a competent court in Belgium against Iraqi businessman Fadel Ali Dabbas and his brother on the back of accused in causing the death of a large number of Iraqis as a result of funding for the recipe fake explosives detector in order to profit or political motives."

The sources who declined to give her name, said: "Interpol is currently working on the distribution of an arrest warrant on a large number of airports around the world that are expected to move between them Dabbas and his brother, including the Amman International Airport and private."

Revealed media sources in February 2014, a number of documents through news reports in special files uncovered them, and showed which corruption deal detection of explosives, which was the company "oasis of the desert," owned by the merchant Fadel Al Dabbas that device, the main role in the completion of this transaction, which claimed the lives of thousands of Iraqis since the start of the 2006 action fake device.

And contracted by the Iraqi Ministry of the Interior in 2007 on the purchase of explosive detection devices (ie de E-651) of the company (ie TCS) British.

Raised import explosives detection "iDEN 651" device, reactions of official and political on the feasibility of the device and the extent of corruption in the deal which involved personnel Iraqi security and a British supplier was sentenced to ten years imprisonment, in addition to a private-run Iraqi businessmen, led by companies Fadel Al Dabbas.