Council Secretariat discusses achieved from the government program

Council and the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers discussed during its meeting on Thursday, 17 / September indicators of achievement realized in the government program. He said the Director of the Office of the Prime Minister Dr. Mahdi Keywords on the need to issue a special report shows the public opinion what has been achieved from reforms made ​​by the Prime Minister earlier, addressed the meeting, which was attended by the leadership cadre in the Secretariat several files the most important project enterprise management system to develop work in circles Secretariat, and the achievements of the Quality Management Department to develop the performance of the Secretariat through the restructuring and simplification of procedures. He pointed out that the Prime Minister stressed that the Secretariat with the support of ministries to re-Hiklyatea to simplify procedures and to address sagging found in some of them after reviewing the laws and objectives of each ministry.