Iraqi Banking Forum

Iraq's banking Forum recommendations
September 17, 2015


"Junction" Iraq today sessions that lasted for two days in "Venice", followed by a day a two-day specialist workshops in hotel "Bristol". The Conference recommended "development banks role in improving banking and increase effectiveness through provision of credit security and sound investment to serve the requirements of economic development and the strengthening of the role of foreign investment and take advantage of the investment opportunities available in both countries for the development of infrastructure and the development of the housing sector and other priority sectors, in accordance with the laws of the applicable investment."

Delegates urged the banks operating in Lebanon and Iraq to cooperate and open branches and offices in two countries, and the provision of credit lines for the development of sectors and providing equal opportunities for both sides, in addition to the exchange of experiences between the central banks (the Lebanese) to improve banking and activate the agreement to include cooperation in combating money laundering and financing of terrorism through information exchange, training, interested joint Iraqi private banks Association and the Association of banks in Lebanon to implement these recommendations.