Partial opening of the project Basra Times Square commercial investment
Thursday, 17 September 2015 - 20:06

Basra saw Time Square commercial investment project (in Jubaila area, the center of the province), in part to the opening of a store brands, known as (CIA Waikiki) Private Turkish clothes, while the project management decided to use the side door to enter the citizens to him despite the lack of completion.

Trimming the opening head of the Basra Governorate Council morning Albzona bar, who said to the reporter Radio tow that most Almarqlat been overcome was little left for the opening of the entire project and that today represents a partial opening for himself and his shop global many branches has in Iraq and the world and offers merchandise at promotional prices to the families of Basra.

He added that the project could Albzona Although Almarqlat he faced to start a large opening finished, stressing the provincial council support for this project and any project for the private sector, persisting in Basra that the work needs to be great perseverance and effort to reap its fruits.

For his part, Director of the United convent company, which has invested Basra Times Square commercial project investment, Thaer Abdul-Zahra of Mrbd that the company was able to complete the design and open the store, while the rest of the companies will be opening centers if the completion of the work in its stores.

He said Abdul Zahra said the opening of the enterprise (the mall) will be after the month of Safar / month of December for the current year, indicating that the number of Almarqlat been resolved especially with regard to the issue of traffic and the possibility of facilitating the entry of vehicles to the center in which the garage for vehicles completed the five-story worth $ 18 million to accommodate a thousand and matte car, will be in direct ways next week.

As regards the hotels said it was waiting for the demise of abuses and abusers to start constructed as there are only other Marqlat been discussed with the head of the provincial council morning Albzona, get promises overcome them, including the problem of supplying the center with electricity and the problem of supplying electric generators with fuel in addition to providing center car fire and police cars, He pointed out near a meeting with the relevant departments next week to resolve all Almarqlat with the head of the provincial council.