Eliminate pass resolutions to bring senior officials in electricity

Specialized court issued claims of integrity and economic crime and money laundering in Baghdad, bringing the decisions of senior officials in the Ministry of Electricity to financial issues and the development of an advisory of the ministry offices, despite the lack of financial allocations. He said an investigative judge of integrity Osama Alwan said in a statement, "Noor News" received a copy of it, that "the Ministry of Electricity has initiated a project to contract with a consulting firm to provide technical and engineering consulting projects for future ministry in the amount of 95 million dinars per month, despite the answer of the Ministry of Planning at the Ministry's request to open consulting offices that there is no such as for the development of financial allocations such a project. " He added that "the ministry Contrary to the Implementing Regulations of government contracts contracted with a consulting office, was the Advisory Office dues Exchange for the period from 22-6 up to 22-7 this year with the absence of any advice given by that office in that period."
The statement said, "The amount of money that has been spent on the newly created consulting office are exaggerated collection", adding that "the other issue in the electricity file, is the rehabilitation of the Minister's Office in the amount of 515 million dinars without the presence of financial allocations, in accordance with instructions implementation of the budget, as well as the existence of exaggeration in the prices of materials purchased. "
The judge, according to the statement, "To those cases was a decision to bring against senior officials in the ministry."

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