Deputy: 133 hauling a special file to electricity Integrity


BAGHDAD / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network (IMN) - of the Integrity Committee in the House of Representatives member Adel Nouri, said the committee referred the 133 special file at the Ministry of Electricity to the Integrity Commission in the last month, pointing to the existence of other Ministry of Electricity files are in audit and investigation will be transmitted, respectively. And he announced that the parliamentary finance committee member Majda al-Tamimi, earlier, referring to its 30 suspicious file corruption regard to the Ministry of Electricity to the Integrity Commission. And between Nuri's (IMN) that "the Commission referred to the Integrity Commission 89 special file at the Ministry of Electricity, including contracts and irregularities on 13/8, after he forwarded the 44 dossiers least," adding that "to the Integrity Committee opened all the Ministry of Electricity files for previous years and there are hundreds of them". The Chairman of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee Talal Zobaie Khudair, earlier, the Committee checked 144 file corruption in the Ministry of Electricity and some of them have been referred to the Integrity Commission and the judiciary." Nuri pointed out that "there are other deputies opened files against the Ministry of Electricity is opened by the Commission, pointing out that" the public prosecutor did not take action files referred to it, and this failure is clear." And called on the Supreme religious authority of the Integrity Commission and the judiciary to recover Iraq's looted money and to hold large capital corruption, as he emphasized the need for concerted everyone to fight corruption, pointing to the activation of the sectors of agriculture, industry, investment in non-oil resources.