A member of the parliamentary finance: in 2016 the state will try to secure the operating expenses only [audio]

2015/9/17 8:08

[Baghdad - where]
the parliamentary finance committee member Masood Haider said, that the state would try very hard to provide operational expenses only during the next 2016.

He said Haider told all of Iraq [where], that "the economic situation in the next year, 2016 will continue to be the same as it is in 2015 I do not think that the state will have the financial abundance for the allocation of funds for investment projects."

He added that "the state will try hard to provide and secure operating expenses only .

"and between Haider that" the procedures for the economic situation is the responsibility of the government headed by Haider al-Abadi that, and this is placed within a legal framework, is the federal budget for the 2016 law, and upon the arrival of the bill to the Finance Committee, we will study it and we will give our opinion on the bill.

"The Commission economy and investment representative, said yesterday that there are several measures taken to address the economic crisis in the next year in 2016, including the issue of reducing expenditure in the general budget by merging ministries, leading to increased revenue, through the collection of water, electricity and revenue of customs and taxes, "noting "The formation of committees process in Parliament to follow the increase of income, as well as the issuance of treasury bonds and sold abroad in the global market value of $ 7 billion, according to a member of Najiba Najib Committee.

The finance ministry announced, on Wednesday, that the financial budget for 2016 estimated at more than 113 trillion dinars with the calculation of the revenues derived from the export of crude oil on the basis of the average price of $ 45 per barrel, adding that the total expenditure of more than 113 trillion dinars, which is low by about six trillion dinars from the budget last year, which was 119 trillion dinars, registered a deficit in the budget year the next 26.5%, or about 30 trillion dinars, according to the draft budget published by the ministry on its Alaketrona.anthy which 2