Jubouri: Iran did not object to the CLI

Qurtas News / Baghdad - Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, said Thursday that the CLI was based on hearing the views of the shows the political process, stressing that Iran did not object to the CLI.

He said al-Jubouri to meet with him on the BBC that "the channel CLI was based on hearing the views of opponents of the political process and its participants that exclude Daash and stained their hands with the blood of Iraqis."

He said al-Jubouri "did not oppose the adoption of a state project that combines the Iraqi parties to be in coordination with the official Iraqi authorities," noting that "the Iraqi government informed the Qatari moves."

And between Jubouri that "Iran has not objected to the CLI", adding that "the Iranians have expressed their acceptance of the Law of the National Guard after we explained to them the details and purpose of the project."

He revealed: "resurrection in the coming days, the popular crowd Bmhaorh factions to persuade them to the National Guard by law."