Work: all the provinces covered by the loans, including the displaced people of Anbar, Nineveh and Salahuddin

Shafaq News / The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs said Thursday that all the country's provinces are included soft loans to support small income-generating projects.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Labour Ammar Menem in a statement, said the loan amounts were distributed to the provinces according to population ratio for each province, indicating that there is a time plan to lend to the provinces according to the actual need for each province.

He noted that the lending mechanism is done through the presentation website of the Ministry via fill out a form provided by the applicant and pledges for the type of project and the number of workers in the project, pointing out that the applicant should be registered as a researcher working in the ministry database.

He said the ministry has given the facilities for the granting of loans to displaced people from the provinces of Salaheddin, Nineveh and Anbar, where the adoption of the sponsor of any province provided that the civil servant or military-sufficiency, as well as the ratification of witnesses instead of the ratification of the shop holding a notary.