Mullah accuse Abadi as deviation from reform and make them settling of accounts 9/16
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Thread: Mullah accuse Abadi as deviation from reform and make them settling of accounts 9/16

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    Mullah accuse Abadi as deviation from reform and make them settling of accounts 9/16

    Mullah accuse Abadi as "deviation" from the reforms and make them "settling of accounts"

    Alsumaria News / Baghdad - Accused the Political Bureau of the coalition forces by the Iraqi Haider Mulla, Wednesday, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi as "deviation" from the real reforms, saying that the last face administrative reforms towards package and austerity measures and "settle political accounts".

    Mulla said in a statement Alsumaria News received a copy of it, "at a time when we are behind the Iraqi people are waiting for Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi adopt real reform vision, a road map where practical mechanisms, aimed at the structural imbalance within the political process, and the fight against whales corruption, we find head Government deviated from the real reforms, and face towards the package of austerity and administrative procedures and the liquidation of political calculations."

    Al Mulla said, that "al-Abadi forgotten or overlooked that the procedures and orders Diwaniyah will not reflect positively on the lives of citizens living, and will not touch the core of the problem," noting that "no reform without beating However, iron on all spoilers of authoritarian parties, purge state institutions of appointments absurd" .

    Mullah pointed out "the importance of the adoption of economic deliberately able to deal with the fall in world oil prices, and take care of human rights and displaced persons file and end their suffering," stressing "the necessity of activating the national reconciliation file, and the adoption of a clear identity landmarks in foreign policy, so that we can say that we are against the reforms package real".

    The leader of the Union of National Forces MP Salah al-Jubouri said earlier, on Wednesday (16 September 2015), not to attend the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi of the House of Representatives after hosting for the second time, "a negative message to the non-participation of Representatives reforms", while pointing out that members of parliament the process of gathering signatures for the withdrawal of the mandate given to Ebadi on reforms. الملا-يتهم-العبادي-بـالانحراف-عن-الإصلاح%2Far&edit-text=
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