Parliament complete its work before the Eid sharp Bamshadat and investigation into the attack on the two deputies

September 16, 2015 22:07

Zora / Yousef Salman
House of Representatives ended its usual yesterday after the vote on anti-money laundering and terrorism financing law and the postponement of the vote on the amendment of the Investment Law to raise its later with Eid al-Adha holiday solutions to the twenty-ninth of this month. But the assault on the two deputies from the coalition of state law by the protection of the Minister of Education has been overshadowed by the parliamentary corridors which reacted rapidly with the incident after he saw the House of Representatives cafeteria verbal altercations sharp between deputies for the National Alliance and Vice-coalition Iraqi forces following the adjournment of the parliament session yesterday. A reporter for "Zora" that "altercations came after a reported attack on the protection of the Minister of Education on MPs emotions grace and Haider, who were the Lord has visited the ministry." He said that the "split between supporters of the House of Representatives to take deterrent and resolute action against any official protection infringe on the House of Representatives and the opponents were the Minister of Education to justify the lack of responsibility for the mistakes of the elements of protect it." But others said deputies for "Zora" that "events later evolved after the accession of MPs from the coalition of state law Haider Mawla emotions and grace, to the closed-door meeting with the Presidium of the House of Representatives in the presence of the security committee and the parliamentary defense." And that the effect of exposure to attempt an attack is said to have almost turn into a failed abduction near the Ministry of Education building process. According to the House of Representatives that "MPs from the coalition of state law Haider Mawla and emotions grace arrived, after the adjournment of the meeting yesterday afternoon to the parliament building after exposure to the attempted attack near the Education Ministry building in central Baghdad." He explained that "MPs held a closed door meeting with the first deputy chairman of the House of Representatives Hamoudi, the presence of members of the security and defense committee and its chairman of quitting and the number of MPs to discuss the repercussions of the abduction attempt." "The deputy speaker of parliament Humam Hamoudi request of the Commission on Security and Defense follow up the matter and submit a detailed report to the Council after the feast." The MP Ali Safi reach the presidency of the parliament and the House of Representatives of protesters to the agreement to a parliamentary investigation into the assault on the MPs and the use of comic recordings of surveillance cameras in the ministry building. He told "Zora": he was confirmed to take deterrent penalties for the non-recurrence of the excesses of the elements of protections to the House of Representatives and prevent them from performing their oversight role and legislative and download the minister in charge of the repercussions of the actions of Hamayate ". The official statement of the department media quoted Chairman of the Commission on Security and Defense of quitting MP exposure of two deputies to protect the assault by the Minister of Education, referring to the Commission does not possess detailed information, and calling for the formation of an investigative committee involved with the attack. He also cited confirmation MP Suad Waeli Chairman of the Education Committee to the exposure of two deputies on the track have been arrested and two soldiers, an officer, and indicated that the Minister of Education has taken the necessary measures. On the other hand during the course of the meeting and an altercation broke out between a member of the Presidency of the Council of Representatives of Syria, Sheikh Mohammed and Chairman of the Legal Committee Mahmoud Hassan. According to deputies told "Zora" that "Hassan tried to boycott the Finance Committee during the reading text of the draft anti-money laundering law and the financing of terrorism and voted on, and he objected to some of them, but Sheikh Mohammed asked him not to boycott, Vencpt their altercation Madet Hassan to leave the parliament session hall."