Newspapers today are interested to review the previous government bills and approval of the anti-terrorism law

09.16.2015 at 09:20 (GMT Baghdad)

BAGHDAD - scales News
Pays due attention to newspapers, this morning, the Cabinet's decision to withdraw laws sent the draft to parliament by the previous government for the purpose of review, and alert the House of Representatives to approve the anti-terrorism law before Eid al-Adha, and the flight of organizing Daash terrorist of Hawija after the blows suffered.

The newspaper said term, that "the Council of Ministers decided to withdraw the draft laws sent to parliament by the previous government for the purpose of reviewing, with the voice of the bill abolishing the posts of Vice-President of the Republic Act and forwarded to the House of Representatives."

She added, "The Council of Ministers held on Tuesday, its thirty-sixth regular under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Dr. Haider al-Abadi, the Council discussed the developments in the beginning of the meeting of military and security situation, and a number of issues on its agenda."

And explained that "the Council of Ministers decided to withdraw laws sent the draft to the parliament by the previous government for the purpose of review," adding that "the Council of Ministers approved a bill abolishing the posts of Vice-President of the Republic Act and submitted it to the House of Representatives based on the provisions of Articles 61 / item I and 80 / item II of the Constitution. "

As Sahavih new morning, said that "the House of Representatives is set to vote to amend the anti-terrorism law through the draft stresses penalty perpetrators of this type of crime, and while some of them talked about the exaggeration in the sanctions contained in the new proposal, others argue that the current circumstances, especially with the widening risk Daash organization requires finding a deterrent penalties for those who shed the blood of Iraqis. "

And he quoted a member of the Legal Committee Saman Abdullah was quoted as saying, "The draft amendment to the anti-terrorism law has read the first and second time, noting that" the draft currently revolve around recent discussions, and on the Presidency to set a date for the presentation of the vote.

It is expected by the parliamentary committee that "dialogues take between the blocks period of time ", stressing that the vote on the law before the Eid al-Adha."

speaks Abdullah about "the views of the House of Representatives of some of them stating that the amendment prospective adult in the death penalty and put them for more than a crime worthy of a penalty less than the loss of the spirit of the convicted."
Fuller said, " It is not reasonable that the gallows rope is placed on the neck of the road cut, or destroy water pipes and other acts which are not worthy of death, and that was motivated terrorist ".

The Sabah newspaper, said that "the refraction Daash gangs in Hawija and north of Bayji by the minute strikes for our troops and planes Iraqi f16 on the headquarters of Aldoaash, triggering panic and confusion among the ranks, which forced her to flee and leave the Hawija towards all of Sharqat and Mosul."

She pointed out, that "Because of that hastened the leaders of those gangs to send reinforcements from Mosul to Sharqat to save what can be, especially in Baiji sector rescued near the south of Sharqat, which is a vital location for Doaash as connecting breakers Anbar, Nineveh, west of Kirkuk and the northern Salahuddin."

She continued, that "At the same time the parliamentary defense and security committee revealed that the coming days will witness the start of a large-scale operation to purge the city of Fallujah," .anthy 29/28