Maliki attacked the National Guard Law "in its current form": Iraq will make the market for weapon and trade

Wednesday 16-09-2015 | 12:13:01

Twilight News / criticized the former vice president, leader of a coalition of law Nuri al-Maliki on Wednesday a draft of the National Guard, as the law of the stomach, in what he will make Iraq an arena for fighting and sectarian market for arms trade.

Wrote al-Maliki in an article reported to Twilight News, will be published the text later, "The draft of the National Guard Law, in its current form, is unwarranted legal to divide one nation, and an explicit call internal fighting, and to link the fate of Iraq's foreign agendas, and it is confirmed by external pressures, exerted on some parties involved in the political process, and paid to the passage of the new law. "

"The current draft of the Law of the National Guard will transform the cities of Iraq to the states rival, and ignite sectarian fires, and will make Iraq a market for weapons and trade, and strange that the defenders of the bill, in its current form, look at all these results it is in the interests of the country, and the war against terrorism".

He said al-Maliki that "the promoters and defenders of this project, in its current form, but what are the toast has lost its credibility in Iraq, and no longer care about the fate and the interest of his people, and behind them countries has consistently interfere in Iraq's affairs."

He pointed out that "this generates our suspicion, that the promoters of these, and behind them, are just kegs of terrorism, and they are seeking through the passage of the National Guard Law, as shameful Aalhalah, to throw Iraq at risk is the greatest risk of Daash".