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    Bgg NEWSTIME 9/15/15


    BGG: Welcome and thanks for tuning in this evening...
    BGG: and boy do we have some NEWS TONITE!!
    BGG: to whoever that was that was bummed they rushed over to find out it was "just us"...
    BGG: they are REALLY going to miss out

    BGG: I would have let everyone know what the details were for today - except I didn't know there was a change in the plan until 3:30 pm this afternoon... like fifteen minutes before I sent the tweets out.. BGG: (I do what I can )

    BGG: Here is the HUGE NEWS of the day.

    BGG: Bloomberg: Central Bank sees limited risk of devaluation Tomorrow/Baghdad: the Governor of the Central Bank, Mohsen Al-allaq, said Iraq has enough foreign reserves to maintain the economic status, but has not ruled out devaluation of the dinar to support affected government revenues due to falling oil prices and the cost of war against daash…

    BGG: he goes on blah, blah, blah...
    BGG: all the jibberish - can anyone figure the guy?? First, he got lured in front of Parliament... (and I did say that's what they did to him...) - they bushwacked him... and he had to say "we gave the green light for the delete the 3 zero's way back"... blah, blah, blah...
    BGG: then he comes out with the 50k - 100k nonsense...
    BGG: now he's blabbing to Doomberg about how he might have to DEVALUE the IQD... more blah, blah, blah...

    BGG: he's a master of being an idiot...

    jtank: funny

    BGG: (and not much else)... he's been in Maliki's pocket for at least 8 years.
    BGG: so right after Alak does this thing with Doomberg (<<<<<<<<< you like that?? )
    BGG: this piece comes out from the Finance committee...
    BGG: Zora's parliamentary Finance: strong and modern Iraqi dinar opposite just rumors

    BGG: Parliamentary Finance Committee has ruled out the possibility for the collapse of the Iraqi national currency against the backdrop of the financial crisis that beset the country, and described the news you are talking about as "rumors" promoted by some currency traders in order to achieve an illegal advantage, as he emphasized that oil imports enough yet to pay salaries Mozvin.oukal Committee member Masood Haider Rustam told the "Zora", yesterday: news that talk about for the collapse of the Iraqi national currency due to the financial crisis, are just "concerns incorrect and untrue," attributing the cause to that of the Iraqi dinar strong enough to withstand .

    BGG: Sounds like the Finance Committee "ruled out" his idiot comments...
    BGG: and
    BGG: I think they just called him a illegal currency trader...

    Doodle Brain: idiots + illegal currency trader = Buh BYE!

    BGG: Keep in mind - this is the same committee Najiba Najib sits on - you know, the lady calling for an RV last week.
    BGG: here's her comment at the end of the article...

    Najib said: that the bond issue, amounting to $ 6 billion will not meet the financial obligations of the state and be covered under the current circumstances, pointing at the same time that Iraq is suffering from the provision of liquidity, but the government is moving to increase revenue.

    BGG: She says - the bonds won't cut it - and they are going to get more money - uhhhhh - where from exactly??
    BGG: Najiba knows where.
    BGG: it's the only place they can get that kind of buying power.
    BGG: in fact, just today they reported the big banks they talked to qualified any loans as NOT FOR THE GENERAL BUDGET. PERIOD.
    BGG: and I think they characterized the talks as not so productive.
    BGG: So they know where they have to go...
    BGG: (so does Najib)

    _firefly_ BGG: UP

    BGG: Enough on that - did everyone understand what I was saying about the CBI auctions today??

    jtank: great


    *.MOD.magnetlady: I missed it, BGG tell me What about the CI auctions
    wymutt: No sorry, please explain.

    BGG: it appears they amount of currency they are selling is going down... about half - or so...

    Doodle Brain: sales are way done

    BGG: than they normally do - however, they are selling to A LOT more various outlets.

    puffdragon BGG: Yes there are spreading the money around !
    _firefly_ BGG: Yes, I saw that

    BGG: 26 banks and 10 exchangers today - that seems to be a trend...

    jtank: 36 outlets--more than the past
    *.MOD.magnetlady: So does that mean they are taking care of the money laundering aspect?

    BGG: either they are responding to Abadi's reforms already or they are trying to cover their tracks.

    BGG *.MOD.magnetlady: I am not guaranteeing that - I am just pointing out what it appears to be.
    BGG *.MOD.magnetlady: one way or the other - the money is getting spread around differently

    _firefly_ BGG: Or ..... they just may be nearing completion of training? so to speak

    *.MOD.magnetlady: Thanks, way cool.

    BGG *.MOD.magnetlady: and as has been the complaint for a long time - they have had a serious liquidity crisis.
    BGG *.MOD.magnetlady: Why??
    BGG *.MOD.magnetlady: who knows...
    BGG *.MOD.magnetlady: they were selling 4x the currency needed to run the country and yet they couldn't get the cash onto the streets.

    jtank: usualy 8-10 banks and higher sales

    BGG *.MOD.magnetlady: all the while dwindling the CBI reserves.
    BGG *.MOD.magnetlady: which means the corruption has been draining them dry.

    BGG: I sure hope what I'm seeing is what it really is.
    BGG: next point -

    *.MOD.magnetlady: Me too, thanks

    BGG: MALIKI IS GONE (soon)...

    Doodle Brain: in the words of Millie, WHOOPOW!

    BGG: Cabinet approves bill to cancel the posts of Vice-President of the Republic Act

    Khandan – Iraq’s Council of Ministers held on Tuesday, its regular-sixth session under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, discussed in the beginning of the meeting developments in the military and security situation, and a number of issues on its agenda. He said the Information Office of Ebadi said in a statement, said the cabinet approved the draft Cancel the posts of Vice President of the Republic Act and submitted it to the House of Representatives based on the provisions of Articles 61 / item I, 80 / item II of the Constitution. The Council decided also that the Ministry of Agriculture adoption of support by 80 percent of the total cost of the seeds of wheat and barley crops. and approved by the Council of Ministers the withdrawal of laws sent projects to the parliament by the previous government for the purpose of review…

    BGG: Article brought in from Holly1 from the Chat Room (posted by Mrs BGG this AM)
    BGG: "...He said the Information Office of Ebadi said in a statement, said the cabinet approved the draft Cancel the posts of Vice President of the Republic Act..."

    BGG: this along with the visit of Abadi to Parliament tomorrow - I take as him being a leader and showing up to urge them to vote on these reforms, remove these bad apples, AML Law, Investment Law, etc, etc, etc...

    BGG: the last time they voted on the Term limits law - it was seen as a referendum on Maliki... nearly a landslide APPROVING THE LAW...

    BGG: which he immediately fast tracked to his guy Medhat al-Mahmoud and got it overturned (because it wasn't introduced right).

    BGG: a technicality.

    BGG: "...and approved by the Council of Ministers the withdrawal of laws sent projects to the parliament by the previous government for the purpose of review…"

    BGG: which means - not only is the CoM wanting to push forward the removal of these crooks (as a law) - but they are also withdrawing ALL the previous junk not voted on yet.

    BGG: Maliki is in big trouble.

    BGG: and the boo birds can kiss my #$% - IT'S HUGE NEWS!!

    Martha Sue BGG: SO IF Abadi goes in tomorrow and they have thrown out the VP deal ... could we see a rate change determined???

    BGG Martha Sue: I doubt that - but still huge progress.

    .MOD.subgirl: So all the laws are going to be passed all at once? is that correct??

    BGG .MOD.subgirl: the report only says the AML Law and Investment Law are on the agenda. Probably for readings - no vote...

    .MOD.subgirl BGG: thank you

    BGG .MOD.subgirl: and the previous Law the CoM is introducing is just headed to Parliament - if they move very, very quickly it would be a few days.

    .MOD.subgirl BGG: ok let's pray it will move fast then!!!

    jeffusa BGG: is this vote tomorrow?

    BGG jeffusa: I doubt that.

    _firefly_: All the laws are NOT needed for international acceptance !

    BGG _firefly_: you are correct.

    jackflash101st: What exactly is the AML law?

    BGG jackflash101st: Anti-Money Laundering Law. This is the one the WB and IMF want...

    jackflash101st: Thank you

    BGG jackflash101st: likely pointed directly at Maliki and his corrupt gang.

    Martha Sue BGG: sosooooooo if it has been read 1X ... then does it have to do that 3 thingy before it can become a law?

    BGG Martha Sue: It hasn't - but yes, that is likely the sequence of events required.
    BGG Martha Sue: (to get rid of the crooks).

    VIP.Cricket22 BGG: When everything is voted thru, then when is it Implemented or I guess my question is...When should they Revalue or RV?

    BGG VIP.Cricket22: value can happen anytime.

    VIP.Cricket22 BGG: After they have voted everything and it's all done that is
    VIP.Cricket22 BGG: Ok thanks

    BGG VIP.Cricket22: these are just things that OBVIOUSLY open the door wide for monetary reform.
    BGG VIP.Cricket22: but there is nothing that says they can't do whatever they want when the "obstructionists" are well "on the ropes".

    VIP.Cricket22 BGG: Ok, thanks

    wvchsr: i just checked the iraqi parliament agenda for tomorrow and it says "The vote on the draft anti-money laundering and terrorism financing law. " and "The vote on the draft second amendment to the Law of Investment". Is this still a reading because it says draft or is it a vote to law? TY in advance

    BGG wvchsr: Good question - sounds like a vote to me.

    wvchsr: AWESOME NEWS. TY

    BGG Doodle Brain: Do you have the actual article - agenda??

    Doodle Brain: The agenda of the session number (23) Wednesday 16 September 2015
    September 16 0.2015. The third parliamentary session. The second legislative year. The first legislative term. First, read verses from the Koran. Second: The vote on the draft second amendment to the Law of Investment Law No. (13) for the year 2006. (Commission of Economy and Investment, the Finance Committee). (17 articles). Third: The vote on the draft anti-money laundering and terrorism financing law. (Finance Committee, the Integrity Commission, for the security and defense committee, the Legal Committee). (Article 57). Fourth: The second reading of the draft regulation of human organ transplantation and prevent trafficking by law. (For the Health and Environment Committee, the Committee of Awqaf and Religious Affairs). (Article 31). Fifth: The second reading of the draft law of private security companies. (Commission on Security and Defence). (Article 42).

    Doodle Brain: Sixth: The second reading of the draft universities and colleges civil law. (Higher Education Commission, the Legal Committee). (Article 56).
    Session starts at: ten in the morning.

    Doodle Brain:

    Doodle Brain: The AML and Investment Law will be voted on tomorrow.
    Doodle Brain: Huge news!

    GrannieAnnie: YAY YAY

    _firefly_: I told you guys that this morning lol

    Doodle Brain: And you better believe, I will be up early and be reporting in the forum!
    .MOD.subgirl _firefly_: great find

    maine: what about the hcl

    BGG maine: No word... it was being talked about.

    BGG Doodle Brain: Wow - thanks. That is good news. I was under the impression they were just one the docket for "reading"...

    Doodle Brain: nope. Vote.

    jackflash101st: mind if I say whoooopoooowwww

    Doodle Brain: May I give my opinion here? I don't believe the HCL is as important as getting rid of Maliki and the "jacka**ery" and the approval of the AML

    VIP.Cricket22 BGG: WOW! WOW! WOW! Today has been a kick butt News kind of day.

    BGG VIP.Cricket22: It has been!!
    BGG VIP.Cricket22: WOWSERS!!

    JETSET: Good evening, everyone!

    BGG JETSET: News Time - what?? You think you walk on water now??
    BGG JETSET: Kidding.....

    JETSET: not used to seeing so much free convo during news time... it threw me off!

    BGG: (inside joke folks - he does have a special annointing - just not THAT SPECIAL)
    BGG JETSET: I run a little different New Time.

    Doodle Brain: I think my comment got lost in the JETSET wash , but re: the HCL...I don't believe the HCL is as important as getting rid of Maliki and the "jacka**ery" and the approval of the AML

    Doodle Brain: If they can't protect their currency and they still have "jacka**ery" in position, they will never be able to move forward

    BGG Doodle Brain: Agreed - but that is a comment -

    Doodle Brain BGG: haha...sort of

    BGG Doodle Brain: part 2 is also a statement - but most people got lost on that one.

    Doodle Brain BGG: I am trying to pick your brain and see if you agree with me or...

    BGG Doodle Brain: Alak may or may not play ball - but at this point, who cares??
    BGG Doodle Brain: if they remove Maliki - then exactly which crook is safe??

    Doodle Brain BGG: Exactly. When do you stop shooting?

    BGG Doodle Brain: when all the bad guys are gone.
    BGG Doodle Brain: and not until.

    _firefly_: hence the AML

    BGG Doodle Brain: unless of course - you need to take a short break to reload.

    jackflash101st: They'll run outta lead before they run out of bad guys in Iraq''

    Doodle Brain BGG: That's what my Spotter is for
    Doodle Brain BGG: Thanks BGG. I feel BETTER now.


    BGG thomas1: I have not idea - but I don't think they can put it off that long - IMHO.
    BGG thomas1: the situation is dire.
    BGG thomas1: Mrs BGG and everyone here will be praying for you BTW.

    thomas1: THANK YOU
    thomas1: YOU ALL GOOD PEOPLE

    BGG: so you all make sure you put thomas1 on your prayer list - OK

    thomas1: COULD why they would not rv this year

    _firefly_: The HCL is HUGE for Iraq but is not needed for a monetary reform IMO

    BGG: OK gang - that's it for me tonite. All the good news I can muster
    BGG : be sure to tune in for Round Table tomorrow at 1:30pm CST and then for Newstime in the evening - LOOKING FORWARD TO MORE GOOD INFO TOMORROW!!

    THE BLOG - Dinar Daily NEWS Blog -

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