Commerce Minister denies stop the ration card of Kurdistan processing and prepared by the "malicious rumors"

BAGHDAD / ... denied Mlas Trade Minister Mohammed Abdel-Karim, Tuesday, news of the stop processing the ration card items for the Kurdistan region government wage laborers from the Iraqi government, "they returned it of" malicious rumors ". A statement of the ministry received "eye Iraq News," a copy of it, Abdul Karim said, "that the ministry is continuing in the food vocabulary to all provincial processing, including parts of Kurdistan and is concerned with being the Ministry of federal management of the file for the processing and supply of ration card items for all regions of the country and in accordance with the law the federal budget. " The Minister of Commerce, that "the ministry did not receive any direction or order to stop the distribution of food vocabulary and all what is being said is a rumors aimed at poisoning the atmosphere and create problems and find outlets for aggravating relations between the center and the region and that trade has plans and programs, and ensures the delivery of vocabulary to all regions of the country Despite the many difficulties due to the financial crisis and insufficient allocated for the ration card payments and whether there is a significant improvement in the arrival of food, or in the fact that the quality of work is going on with outlets and the origins of good. " He stressed Abdul Karim "The presence of a high-level coordination with the relevant authorities in the Kurdistan Regional Government to deliver food vocabulary and the mechanism of their distribution as well as the mechanism of vocabulary equipped to displaced families of Iraqi provinces, which exceeded the 20 thousand families after measures to count those families and locate and allocation of agents in each region."