The launch of the third installment of the subsidy social protection next month

BAGHDAD / ... The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, on Tuesday, the launch of the third installment of the subsidy of social protection in the next October under the old law to the social protection network. He said ministry spokesman Amar Menem in a statement received "eye Iraq News," a copy of "apology and the Ministry of Finance for the provision of allocations due to the financial crisis prevented the exchange planned increase," noting that "the ministry will distribute subsidies under the law of the old social protection network early next month to registered beneficiaries within its database. " "The ministry had completed all the procedures relating to the application of the new Law on Protection, as it handed over the Ministry of Planning all the forms in the form of daily payments, which confirmed it continuing operations audited," pointing out that "The ministry sent a request to the Ministry of Finance to provide them with the necessary to launch the subsidies amounts in accordance with law However, recent new apologized for the provision of the amounts prescribed for the law, which they attributed to the low sale price of oil globally. " Menem and pointed out that "the ministry carried out a wider field survey process in this regard, which began last May and ended in the middle of the month of July in Baghdad and the provinces except Anbar, Salahuddin and Nineveh, and some districts of Kirkuk, and resulted in Search 530 000 families in preparation for the inclusion of the new law," adding that "The ministry had also been extended surveyed in Baghdad operations for one month and choose 100 researchers from outstanding to complete the scanning process."
For his part, Director of the Social Protection Department in the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs Zidane behind "The ministry will not be able third installment for the current year distribution to beneficiaries protection network under the new law to the lack of the necessary funds for it."

Khalaf said that "the Ministry of Planning and a key partner with the Ministry of Labour in the project of social research by identifying the beneficiary or not by the data that is inserted into the beneficiaries database after the scanning process is completed," noting that "the scanning process is still especially in Baghdad continuing after delay due to Titles contrary to some of the beneficiaries and the lack of cooperation of some municipal councils and elect, as I arrived in the provincial surveys to advanced stages exceeded the 90%. "

He explained that the "no-increase of the beneficiaries of social protection network came to not to launch financial allocations assigned to it by the Ministry of Finance informed the Ministry of Labour so through an official letter," adding that "the ministry hopes to secure sufficient funds for the purpose of starting the release of subsidy social protection in accordance with ladder to the new law. "

The new Social Protection Law No. 11 of 2014 ensures the inclusion of beneficiaries according to the level of the poverty line set by the Ministry of Planning in targeting the poor and vulnerable families, which provides for increasing the amount of subsidy ranging from 105 thousand per month per capita, and 300 thousand dinars for the family of two people, and 360 thousand dinars for the family of three people, down to 420 thousand dinars for the family of four people what Vouk.