Al-Jazeera abandon its 500 employees Services due to lower Qatar's oil revenues

BAGHDAD / Sky Press: media sources reported that the network "Al Jazeera" abandoned about 500 employees services between editors, technicians and directors in an attempt to cope with the case of "slack" career you are experiencing. The sources, said "the process has dispensed with this in three stages, and that some who have been laid off voluntarily submitted their resignations for many reasons, personal and political." She pointed out that "the dismissals did not include this campaign so far none of the announcers and broadcasters adult, or rather, the stars, but do not exclude that these redundancies up for some of them, or many of them in the later stages." One of the most prominent who have been laid off Ahmed Beshto provider of economic programs, and Mohamed Khair Borini, which offers "Reporters" program, as well as Taha director specialized in documentaries, as well as Ms. prestige Poglas one of the main introductions weather bulletin at the station since almost its inception. It is noted that the number of staff and workers in the network, "Al Jazeera" multiple channels and more than five thousand people, the number who have been laid off represents about ten percent, according to the same sources. Officials in the "island" and justified the move as come to reduce the size of the staff and the elimination of sagging career, and the presence of a large number of those who do not provide any actual acts in their fields. Sources believe itself that the reasons for the dismissals campaign this may be attributable to economic reasons as well, where the State of Qatar has lost about half of its revenues from oil and gas (it was estimated at about $ 86 billion per year) due to lower prices by 55 percent for oil, 60 percent for the gas.