Mullah: political and security conditions behind blocking the activation document Ramadan

BAGHDAD / Antrzabra the Iraqi Media Network (IMN) - head of a group of Iraqi scientists Khalid Al Mulla said, that the political and security conditions are deteriorating beyond negligence document Ramadan peace community and not activated by the political blocs, pointing out that there is no trace of that document on the ground since it was announced.

He said Mullah's (IMN) that "Iraqi society is not sensitive to the signs of Ramadan document to spread the spirit of tolerance and peace between the components and the spectra of the Iraqi people," adding that "the political and security conditions in the country behind the faded document Ramadan."

The Commission on Endowments and Religious Affairs last month, the committee adopted a document to prevent Ramadan sermons inciting terrorism and inciting sectarian strife.

Al Mulla explained that "should be on the political parties to ask any document published peace and tolerance among the Iraqi society must be that the conditions for the deployment of these documents are available," pointing out that it is within these conditions "must have the political and security situation tailored to the publication of documents of peace and that there is a political consensus Nasib with the political blocs."

The head of the University Scholars of Iraq Khalid Al Mulla said last month that the Sunni community accepted to be a compound manageable for elders and preachers supporting extremists Daash terrorist gangs.

The Committee of Religious Endowments parliamentary suggested in the third from last August teaching document of Ramadan in order to promote peaceful coexistence, the committee member Hana al-Tai confirmed that the document will focus on creating an interactive community distinguish between extremist trends and building a genuine initiate conciliatory line of a new phase and activation of human and religious commonalities and build a national culture new strong unity and respect for each other and that the most important principles of this document is to renounce extremism preachers because they are unfit members in the community."