Defense Minister denies's (et) link Abadi deal armored cars

Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi "link Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi deal armored cars", adding that the armored cars concluded under the previous government of the deal, and we tried to terminate the contract of the company but we could not."

Obeidi said in a statement singled out by the reporter for News Agency (et) "The previous government contracted to import armored cars seventh month of the year in 2014, and when we receive the mission we have tried to terminate the contract but the company apologized because the money received, pointing out that the ministry tried again with the ministry to convert auto contract to ambulances, but they also did not agree."

He said al-Obeidi, "We have to Prime Minister five cars because the old and invalid cars and suffer from holidays, explaining that" Abadi "Screw one and not the car did not ask," as he put it, and the granting of Abadi cars because the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces and the symbol of Iraq and worth of these wheels."

He noted that the armored cars hold 150 cars in the amount of $ 18 million. "