Oil plans to export 3.68 million barrels per day of Basra crude

Qurtas News / Baghdad - Revealed a high-ranking source in the oil ministry, on Tuesday, the ministry planning to export 3.68 million barrels per day of Basra crude, stressing that preparations began early.

The source said in a statement the "Ply News", "in light of the financial crisis experienced by Iraq as well as OPEC plans to increase production to meet the market and the distribution of exports on the state to maintain the price level and one is planned Iraq to increase its production of crude oil."

The source explained that "production will be of Basra, where the ministry plans to export 3.68 million barrels per day beginning October monthly and the second of this year," noting that "preparations for this purpose began early through the creation of the Angels and carrier lines in collaboration with the investing oil companies in the fields of Basra".

The Ministry of Oil has been revealed in the first of the month of September now, for the export of crude oil rates for the month of August that it had amounted to 95.447 million barrels per month, as pointed to the decline in crude oil exports from the southern fields rates, attributed the causes to some technical problems.