Araji called for a vote on the draft of the National Guard as government law

Baghdad scales News - Labeled outgoing Deputy Prime Minister Bahaa al, Tuesday, the National Guard and the law of one of the most important paragraphs of the document of political reform, as called for political blocs to vote on the bill as received from the Council of Ministers.

They said in a statement received / scales News / copy of it, "The National Guard Law is one of the most important paragraphs of the document of political reform, and that the Council of Ministers recommended at its first meeting the need for the completion of the draft of the bill and vote on it and send it to parliament within a period of three months, and already has The Cabinet set up a committee of representatives of the University of the various political blocs under our chairmanship of its members, where they were preparing the draft of the National Guard and law voted by the Council of Ministers and sent it to parliament."

He said al-Araji, that "there are constants in this project agreed by the Committee and approved by the Council of Ministers it is that the popular crowd with all its components represent the nucleus of the National Guard, and that the correlation of the National Guard be General Commander of the Armed Forces, and be under his command and is subject to the decisions and orders, and that the Guard consists of a number distributed according to population ratios for the provinces."

Araji pointed to "the existence of paragraphs clear how they are dealt with on the basis of selection and identification of arming captain and his movements."

Araji He continued that "if there is a disagreement today in the House of Representatives about the fundamentals of this project agreed consideration, particularly the issue of the popular crowd forces the heroine of all components of the nucleus of this project, it means that the dispute mainly revolves around a document of political reform."

He called al-Araji, all the political blocs to "vote on the draft National Guard law as received from the Council of Ministers," asserting that "the popular crowd components when they fought the enemy did not fight in defense of the community or national certain, but in defense of Iraq and all Iraqis," .anthy 29 / d 25