We recorded a decline in food prices and we expect stability through September

The Ministry of Planning, on Monday, that there is a fall in food prices, mostly since the start of the year 2015, while the predicted stability of food prices during the month of September now. He said ministry spokesman Abdul Zahra Talqani in an interview with the (long-Presse), said that "Iraq is a part of the global system affected negatively and positively food indicators and other indicators as a market of oil, for example," noting that "What more could you Nwcr the degrees of inflation in Iraq is over Food and beverage prices and also the housing department. "
He added Talqani, that "in recent months, we find there is a rise in the housing index, while we find a decrease in the food index," stressing that "since the start of 2015, we often find food price index remained stable or where low and this was reflected clearly on the inflation index, where The record level of inflation since the beginning of the year a slight increase does not exceed 1% compared with the previous years. "
He Talqani, that "competent our departments in the ministry recorded a rise in food prices during the month of July for the current year by about 8.4%, and the reason is due to it coincided with the holy month of Ramadan," he said, adding, that "there is a decrease in the month of June, which reported our indicators rate decline by about 9.0%, while in the month of May also recorded a decline of 3.0% in the month of April also recorded a decline of 4.0%. "
He Talqani, that "the outcome of the above results, is that food prices since the start of this year, which often ranged between stability and low," expected to "be there or low stability also during the month of August and the month of September now."
The United Nations confirmed that food prices world-wide fell by 5.2% last month, marking the biggest drop in seven years.
The Food and Agriculture Organization of the international organization, said that recent months have seen the deterioration of prices of all major food into milk to vegetable oils and grains.
The Iraqi Ministry of Commerce announced on Sunday (Al16mn August 2015), a reduction of the budget scheduled for the ration card in the budget year 2015 and one-third allocated in previous years, the amounts, and attributed the cause to "austerity policy, adopted by the Government", and as pointed out entire food vocabulary provision of international origins solid, it confirmed the reduction of the money after "prevent waste and reduce wasteful operations."
The Ministry of Commerce announced, in, (the ninth of August 2015), for "a quick and important" to improve the ration card and increase some vocabulary, depending on the solid global sources, indicating that it will apply "urgent mechanisms" for the delivery of food vocabulary to Dar citizen housing and reduce red tape in procedures registration of births and fission within the same family.
It is noteworthy that the majority of Iraqis depend on what provide him with their ration card in their daily lives since the start of the international embargo on Iraq in 1991 after its invasion of Kuwait, with an estimated value of these materials per capita in the domestic market by about ten dollars without counting the children's milk, while obtained Using the ration card in the amount of 500 dinars, or $ 0.40.
Iraqis suffer poor quality of the ration card items and irregular distribution, as long complained about the lack of validity of some of the material for human consumption.