The central bank lends to private banks trillion dinars to finance small and medium projects
the Iraqi Central Bank agreed to launch an amount trillion dinars [about one billion dollars for the domestic banks to finance small and medium enterprises for citizens loans.
According to a statement of the Central Bank today, that "the central bank's board of directors, based on the instructions No. 7 of 2015 decided to approve the launch amount trillion dinars to domestic banks for the purpose of financing small and medium-sized loans to citizens."
The central bank has launched on the eighth of August $ 5 trillion dinars to finance industrial and agricultural projects and the establishment of real estate.
The supreme religious authority has called in a speech last Friday to protect these loans and the imposition of tough measures in the disbursement of these funds control in the correct positions and not to allow the warheads corruption and the owners of greed, greed, who stretched their hands, it also spread to the hundreds of billions that went down the drain in the past years as the phantom projects.
"He stressed, representative of reference, Sheikh Abdul Mahdi al-Karbalai" This money, if spent in the possible treatment of important files, including the files of unemployment and diversify the productive base of the country's true plans.
"For his part, Governor of the Bank on the Keywords for the presence of five points assume control over the Central Bank to grant loans to ensure the integrity and transparency of lending.
Keywords "As the central bank obliged banks to publish data on all loans granted by the first hand in order to achieve transparency and community control" .anthy