Department of Immigration announced the return of 30 000 displaced families to Salahuddin
11:28 GMT
BAGHDAD - and babysit - The Ministry of Displacement and Migration, about the return of 30 000 displaced families to Salahuddin province.
The ministry said in a statement, received a "public opinion" a copy of it, that "the Minister of Displacement and Migration Jassim Mohammed dry, received today the acting British Embassy in Iraq Bliza Louis and responsible development agency in Sarah Mautngomre Embassy, to discuss the mechanism of cooperation between the ministry and the embassy to provide the necessary for families needs displaced. "

Dry said, according to the statement "that the priorities of the ministry about the displaced file is to find shelter for them and providing basic services related to food and medicine as well as the distribution of financial grants and provide other supplies as needed, such as Msltzmat summer and others."

"The ministry's strategy is the return of displaced families to inhabit areas of origin, and that the ministry has succeeded in cooperation with the relevant authorities to return 60% of the displaced families to Salahuddin province, and the rate of (30) thousand families, adding that the ministry is now working with Salah al-Din province to put a quick plan for the return of displaced families to the city of Tikrit, until the rehabilitation of their areas and the return of her life.

The minister stressed that the (waiting) economic crisis experienced by the country has contributed significantly to the lack of financial allocations for the displaced has resulted in a lack of provision of essential needs them, and expressed hope that the United Kingdom provides support for Iraq to meet the challenges they face due to the economic crisis.

For its part, the charge d'affaires expressed her Government's support for the Iraqi government in all sectors as well as the ministry's support for the displaced file, noting that London will provide the necessary needs of the displaced and ensure their return to their areas and work to bring stability to these families.