Prime Minister initiate the implementation of anti-corruption plan

Baghdad / Iraq News Network-revealed government source, Monday, for the start of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi implementation plan or strategy to combat corruption divided into several joints and apply broadly. He said the source: "The strategy made through two tracks, the first prosecution of corrupt senior officials to the bottom , and track the second accounting of all the corrupt in the joints of the state from the small to the director Aldairh.ottbak plan the employee through a review of all cases of corruption and to take judicial decisions on cooperation between the various regulators, employees and citizens to detect cases of fraud and forgery, and financial and administrative corruption. " The source added, "The strategy did not ignore corruption prosecute those who are abroad, but has developed measures to hold them accountable and recover the money," stressing that "the plan include all sectors and will not exclude the party or department in Baghdad and the provinces."