Daash structure - bureaucratic terrorism

Theme of this documentary film is talking about Peter Neumann of the Institute of "King's" London, for misunderstanding the first at the World intelligence community, the nature of the organization Daash terrorist, after finding the vast amount of documents pertaining to the organization at the second man in the organization (Abdul Rahman Albiloa ) confirms that this organization has the organizational and administrative body's ability in what was dubbed the concept of bureaucracy. To the extent that prevailed that this organization is to organize a brutal sadist as is prevalent in the rest of the terrorist organizations, the documents showed that Daash structured hierarchically depends precision, high capacity in armament, and equipment management and distribution functions for high device performance, and management of more realistic in the smallest details, where the subject has plenty of land stretching from Aleppo to the north of Baghdad and demographic reach nearly 6 million people, natural resources, make it of the ability to reap millions of dollars, and that is necessary tightened be the sign of the title is the bureaucracy through practices applied by Daash of the application of laws by force and this does not happen in communities controlled by a powerful force for the application of standard procedures and the distribution of responsibilities and tasks in a way that the hierarchy of responsibility be.

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