MP emotions grace demanding the speaker of parliament to disclose the fate of interrogations and parliamentary questions

Sep 14 2015
(Voice of Iraq) - statement demanded an MP for the coalition of state law emotions grace House Speaker Salim al disclose the fate of the interrogations that have been submitted to the Presidency and the fate of parliamentary questions addressed to the ministers, warning that the acting Presidency According to the desires in this regard. it said in a statement reported by its press office today: "Many of the interrogations gone with the wind, and the first questioning of Saleh al-Mutlaq, in addition to the motion to question the defense minister submitted by the high Nassif and Hanan al Naiptin", asking for "the fate of parliamentary questions addressed to Ministers and that was mostly ignored.

"She added:" The better for the Presidency to set a date for questioning immediately upon receipt of a request to interrogate one of the ministers or officials instead of left afloat it without a specific date, as if they were keen on the supervisory role of the Council. "and warned the grace of that" Presidency act according to whims in the issue of interrogations, with no right to have a uniqueness to make decisions without reference to the members of the Council, particularly as the reference repeatedly emphasized the activation of the oversight role of Parliament on all state institutions.

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