Hoshyar Abdullah confirms his determination to delete the title of national card after exposure of people to be killed because of him previously

Sep 14 2015
(Voice of Iraq) - a statement confirmed to the Commission on Security and Defense parliamentary member Hoshyar Abdullah that he will insist on the deletion of the title of the national card, which has the second reading of the draft law in the parliament session yesterday. He said in a statement quoted by his press office: "The Commission on Security and Defense is currently discussing the views and observations of the House of Representatives on a unified national card law for the purpose of amendment and submit it in its final form for the purpose of voting on it in the coming days. "

He added:" The number of deputies demanded during the second reading of the bill in the session yesterday delete the title of the national card, On a personal level I need to delete it, since many people were killed because of their surnames in a given time period ", stressing that it would insist on the" Delete the title of national card this procedure to be a step towards building a civil state where canceled disparities sectarian and Titles. "He Abdullah regret for" the presence of voices calling for the preservation of titles in the card even though we are all daily call for a civil state, private and state citizenship became a requirement turnout and confirmed by the religious authority ", appealing to parliamentarians and the presidency of the parliament to take a crucial decision about deleted.

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