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    Bgg newstime 9/13/15


    BGG: for starters - I posted a bunch of that info from Fri/Sat about the storming of the CBI...

    BGG: and the associated article with Chalibi quoted as naming suspects in theft of CBI monies.
    BGG: it would be easy enough to "claim it didn't happen" - but the list of those being named as "bad actors"....
    BGG: that presents those characters with a much different problem.

    BGG: not that I am sure of anything... just pointing out the chronology of events.
    BGG: which makes things look very curious. IMHO

    BGG: Ok here is an interesting piece...

    BGG: I raise this as valuable info for this reason - the more of this info that is revealed publicly 1) we gain some greater understanding of what is actually going on 2) there appears to be a legitimate push to change things in Iraq (in our favor)...

    BGG: Iran behind assassinations and abductions in Iraq

    BGG: For the past six weeks the people of Baghdad and other Iraqi cities have taken part in mass demonstrations demanding an end to government corruption and the trial and punishment of former Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, the European Iraqi Freedom Association (EIFA) said in a statement on Saturday.

    BGG: They have demanded a complete reform of the corrupt Iraqi judicial system, which was set up by Maliki and politically controlled, it said.

    BGG: “The protesters in particular demand the removal from office of the head of the Supreme Judicial Council – Medhat Mahmoud, who for the past 8 years proved to be a willing tool of Maliki and his puppet-masters from the Iranian regime.”

    BGG: “It has now emerged, according to Iraqi media, that Hadi Ameri and Abu Mehdi Mohandess, two of the most coldblooded leaders from Iran’s revolutionary guards and commanders of the militias affiliated with the terrorist Quds Force (QF), went to see Medhat Mahmoud to reassure him of their support and to let him know that the militias, the QF, and the Iranian regime are opposed to his resignation. This represents a blatant confrontation with the demonstrators and their legitimate demands to defeat the aspirations of the Iraqi people for justice and change.”

    BGG: “This latest outrage comes against a background that has seen the assassination of at least four organizers of the protests and the abduction of Turkish workers by the militias associated with the Iranian regime.”

    BGG: Indeed one of the leading protesters stated: “The loudest message from the Shi’ite militias that resorted to these assassinations is that we should keep quiet regarding the religious parties supporting Iran…They allege that we are against religion, but we have not insulted any religion. We are just demanding a civilian government. We are an Islamic nation and we want a civilian and technocratic government.”

    BGG: The European Iraqi Freedom Association (EIFA) expressed its “abhorrence” and condemned the “terrorist and criminal measures and the pressures that have been used against the demonstrators.”

    BGG: It called on Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to protect the demonstrators with all means at his disposal and to pave the way for real reforms by arresting Maliki and his cohorts and bringing them to justice. “Otherwise, the Iranian regime and its elements in Iraq will undermine and defeat his reforms.”


    BGG: Not being "overly sensational" as I have been accused of by the "sour grapes crowd" - this is pretty enlightening / and WOW on the Maliki part...
    BGG: their words...

    Pablo: Them's fighting words.

    BGG: "...called on Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to protect the demonstrators with all means at his disposal and to pave the way for real reforms by arresting Maliki and his cohorts and bringing them to justice..."

    BGG: that is pretty plain...

    jackflash101st: HUGE

    cjquade54: love this: and to pave the way for real reforms by arresting Maliki and his cohorts

    BGG cjquade54: I have been saying just this ALL ALONG...

    cjquade54: yes you have

    BGG cjquade54: but of course... the "sour grapes crowd" can twist anything into a "boo hoo" moment.

    BGG: another highly pivotal bit issue... "...demand the removal from office of the head of the Supreme Judicial Council – Medhat Mahmoud, who for the past 8 years proved to be a willing tool of Maliki and his puppet-masters from the Iranian regime...”

    BGG: Medhat is a tool alright...
    BGG: also - enlightening AND cause for optimism (here and now - maybe not - but it is legit movement the right direction). Oct 1st is the WB / IMF deadline for the AML Law - which POINTS DIRECTLY AT THESE BAD ACTORS. Right at'em!!

    larrykn: I don't understand why its taking them so long to remove all these people it seem they have the goods on them now or is that why they went into the cbi to get more on them

    BGG larrykn: I suspect this to be the case. They needed more - AND there are a lot of them.

    BGG larrykn: once this gets started - they will be able to get their hands on more of them AND their ill-gotten gains, which is important to Abadi. He has said so -- plus he's not very happy with the Integrity Committee for not coming up with more seizures.

    dstratton04: the next few weeks will be telling

    BGG dstratton04: very much so...

    cjquade54: do you think Iran will back off immediately with the arrest of Maliki? or will all hell break loose?

    BGG cjquade54: not sure - but those supporting such monkey business will slow down (for sure) - Hadi Ameri (for example) - in fact, he was in that high level Shia meeting Maliki was absent from, just the other day. I am going to study that article further this evening.

    jackflash101st: What do you think the chances are of them redoing the parliament and getting rid of these brain dead mongaloids?

    BGG jackflash101st: I don't think they go that far / or have to - IMHO...
    BGG jackflash101st: but again - that is just my take... who knows??

    dale: Do you think Abadi will remove some current members of the integrity commission with new members?

    BGG dale: that I Do think will happen. He's not happy and they have proven they are FOR SALE. They can be bought.

    dale: Thanks .... sure sounds like it.

    dstratton04: do you think aml and national guard will be back in parliament this week?

    BGG dstratton04: AML - probably - NGL - not so sure, Maliki's bunch get everyone all stirred up blaming every little thing on US or Saudi intervention. He knows how to push their buttons - until now, they have let him... however, having said as much... the biggest majority of the Shia leadership are about done with him AND his antics.

    BGG: they are blaming the National Guard Law on the US and the Saudis (or some other "shadowy" arabic boogeyman) in hopes they can keep control of their own personal Shia militia... that is the bottom line - right there. It's about control.

    BGG: the problem is these same militia are out doing Iranian dirty work and mucking up the political scene with some pretty ugly moves.

    BGG: Like I have been saying - the more of this that gets out in the public eye - the more they can deal with it. Looks like (from that article on THE BLOG) - they are aware and insisting it get handled (by Abadi).

    larrykn: I thought maliki had left and hasn't returned

    BGG: not sure - haven't heard much from him.

    larrykn: I'm praying he decided to leave that would help

    BGG: AND - in his mind, he can keep up his influence from wherever he is...

    larrykn: all the way to the hangman noose

    BGG: as long as he isn't arrested - which BTW, is not a long stretch, at this point.

    jackflash101st: Exactly BGG great point

    BGG: IMHO - those commenting that Maliki is "too big to be arrested" are going to be WRONG AGAIN.
    dstratton04: do you think the lower denominations have been printed and are ready to go?

    BGG dstratton04: I do.

    dstratton04: TY. me too

    BGG: before we finish up - lemme' point out a few headlines that will start drawing some idea up as to what is going on today.

    BGG: (meaning this particular time-frame)...

    BGG: Nouri show surprise at the insistence of the US and British ambassadors to pass the National Guard Law
    BGG: Nouri is out of the PMU, SLC, Dawa ilk...

    BGG: (not Nouri al-Maliki)

    BGG: but he's "boo hooing" about the US and Brits wanting the NG Law - (which balances power). These ding-a-lings can't seem to get it through their heads - NO ONE in the world likes to let a people group go unrepresented. DUMMIES. This will happen.

    BGG: Parliament completes a second reading of the draft arms law

    BGG: Araji calls for cooperation to achieve, rather than question the fact that its presence reforms

    BGG: Oh wowser - here is a biggie...

    BGG: Washington save Jubouri of dismissal and expose the leaders of the Dawa party against the backdrop of the Doha Conference

    BGG: Iraqi source familiar with the detection of the US Embassy in Baghdad leaking the names and photographs of the leaders of the Dawa Party Tarek Najm, former director of the Office of the Nuri al-Maliki and Sadiq al-Rikabi, who served as ambassador of Iraq to the State of Qatar during a secret visit to Qatar, the costs of prime minister Haider al-Abadi. It was a coalition of state law collection Signatures for the removal of Iraqi parliament speaker Salim al-Jubouri, against the backdrop coincided his visit with the Iraqi opposition conference hosted by Qatar last week..

    BGG: Looks like the SLC collecting signatures to oust Jubouri is a dead issue now...
    BGG: it appears some key SLC players were there as well.
    BGG: making it a "not-so-Arab" plot... more of a normal meeting... about stopping the madness.

    BGG: and then there's this...
    BGG: Dawa Party leaders deny involvement in the party and the Doha conference say they went for recreation!

    cjquade54: lol

    BGG: they just happened to be in Doha working on their tan... during these crucial meetings.

    BGG: On a final note - it appears the CBI sales are retreating and the Dinar is remaining stable (if not starting to strengthen)...
    BGG: this means less corruption - more confidence.
    BGG: it will work.

    BGG: OK gang - thanks for tuning it...
    BGG: I am plenty excited to see what Abadi's reforms bring and how quickly it all comes together - because, quite honestly - that IS THE WHOLE BALL - GAME right now.

    BGG: working on News and THE BLOG (you may want to check it later)...
    THE BLOG - Dinar Daily NEWS Blog -

    BGG: tune in tomorrow for Round Table at 1:30pm CST and then an extended News Time with MD at 7:30pm EST

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    Re: Bgg newstime 9/13/15

    thanks Bgg

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    Re: Bgg newstime 9/13/15

    BGG- What happened this past week when different leaders came to America? Know is saying anything?

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