House of Representatives finish reading three bills and discusses the integration of the Ministry of Environment health

House of Representatives ended its session usual twenty-first session was chaired by Dr. Salim al-Jubouri, President of the Council and in the presence of 209 deputies on Sunday 13/9/2015, read the three bills in addition to discussing the integration of the Ministry of Environment health.

At the outset of the session, Mr. President al-Jubouri offered the condolences of the Council of Deputy Mona Amiri of the death of her mother.

This was followed by Rep. Sherko Mirza, Chairman of the Committee on Higher Education and Scientific Research, a statement on the migration of Iraqi talent abroad, noting that the migration of Iraqi competencies and energies of young very serious phenomenon and part of a plot against the country, calling on relevant ministries need to set 5% of higher education.

The statement recommended by parliamentary committees Achtsastha follow-up ministries and departments not associated with the implementation of the Ministry and submit periodic reports on it to the Presidency of the Council of Representatives, in addition to universities and civil education campaign with the help of the evening's commitment to advanced degrees (Master's and PhD) is appointed.

The Council voted on a statement read by Deputy Sherko Mirza for the Commission on Higher Education and Scientific Research, Mr. President of the Council in the face of Aleghanoanh Committee numbers suitable for decision formula.

On the other hand, President al-Jubouri, the face of the Foreign Relations Committee to follow up the subject of the intervention of Turkish troops in the Iraqi province of Kurdistan occupied by hosting foreign minister in the Council.

The Council also discussed the cause of the Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Health as MP Qutaiba al-Jubouri, the former environment minister that the decision to merge incompatible with the conventions to form a government and intersects with the legal and constitutional provisions providing for the formation of ministries, stressing the importance of the failure to enact a law that contradicts with the Constitution.

He pointed out that the Attorney-Jubouri, the budget of the Ministry of Environment of $ 7 billion dinars are considered the poorest ministries in the budget, noting that the Iraqi people and environmental bitter reality of living in the presence of 60 sites contaminated with radiation.

In the interventions Attorney Joseph Saliwa called the House of Representatives to re-vote on the Minister for the Environment and Health following the merger of the Ministry of Environment required to discuss the question of the integration of the Ministry of Science and Technology with the Ministry of Higher Education.

The MP Abboud al-Issawi environmental pollution of the most serious problems in the country, adding that the situation in Iraq environment requires the formation of a Higher Council for the follow-up to protect the environment.

The MP expressed Siham al-Moussawi, for its refusal to merge with the Ministry of Environment and Ministry of Health for the existence of an urgent need to dismantle a large number of mines and processing environmental pollution.

I suggest MP Ali al-Adeeb, the introduction of the post of Deputy Minister of Health for the Environment.

She drew an MP, but Talabani to the active role of Iraq in the formation of an international public association competent environment based on the UN resolution.

In turn, MP Hamid vegetative not to merge the Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Health and keeping them separate from the Ministry of Health at the suffering of Iraq's environmental problems.

He explained MP Zia al-Asadi that keep all the ministries in Baghdad and Matanih of sagging hinder the transfer of powers to the provinces or to work on strengthening the role of local governments.

And MP Abdul Karim Alabtan to the importance of government decisions to laws and the constitution link.

In turn, President al-Jubouri, the face of the committees of health and the environment and to study the legal opinions and proposals and observations, ladies and gentlemen MPs on the integration of the Ministry of Environment with the Ministry of Health to formulate a constitutional decision of the House of Representatives in this regard.

For his part, the Council voted to return the project scientific and technical consulting office at the Ministry of Science and Technology and sponsored by the Commission on Higher Education Act to the government after its decision to merge with the ministry and the Ministry of Higher Education.

It ended the second reading of the draft law and the national card submitted by the Committees on Security and Defense, legal services and reconstruction.

In the interventions, ladies and gentlemen MPs, MP Jawad al-Bolani to the importance that handles family law transfer restrictions specifying a period of time to follow up the application of the law.

The MP Niazi architecture Davutoglu that the national card will help to get rid of the red tape associated with multiple archives probative provide the House of Representatives calling for the contract to know the details of the project to reduce the incidence of fraud.

He MP Abbas al-Bayati, the need to deliver the card of the deceased to the Ministry of Health before granting the death certificate, calling for the cancellation of the title field of national card and the associated easing of sanctions including giving false information.

For his part, MP Imad Youkhana pointed out that the draft law is one of the important laws, pointing out that Article 26 unfair to non-Muslims to change religion Pmaa_khas minors, calling for the amendment of article and are not taken to change the religion of minors, but when they reach the age of 18.

And it demanded the MP Hanan al not to reproduce the experiences of Western and imposed on the Iraqi reality, pointing to the importance of reviewing issue of title to conform to the norms and traditions.

He noted the MP Ashwaq dry to the need for the issue of amending the law Aihsr name at one time.

She explained that the MP Vian Dakhil embrace religion is a personal, claim that the children choose their preferred religion after puberty.

I suggest MP Riad Ghali submission of national card forms in the residential information office instead of circles Civil Status to eliminate red tape.

In its response to the interventions of the Committee on confirmed that the imposition of fines comes in light of the security situation that the country is witnessing and to reduce the incidence of change in the housing and names by some terrorists, noting that the Committee seeks to add four-wheel name, title to the card for the purpose of avoiding the question of the similarity of names, saying taking into consideration the suggestions and opinions of the MPs.

Council and completed the second reading of the draft law and weapons provided by the Committees on Security and Defense and Legal.

In the interventions of ladies and gentlemen of Representatives on the bill, MP demanded Abbas al-Bayati, the granting of leave to take up arms to those of 25 years instead of 17 years and is granted a reasonable period of time to resolve the situation of those with illegal weapons.

And Rep. Najiba Najib explained the importance of giving the provinces and territories the power to grant licenses to bear arms because the inventory of granting the license Interior Minister illegality.

He proposed MP Sadiq we hinted exception of hunting weapons from granting the licenses for the existence of a private association fishermen.

MP Raad Faris urged not to allow the opening of a private shops for the sale of weapons and that it is limited to the state.

For his part, MP Yahya Ithawi to impose prison sentences and large fines for those who carry weapons without legal age or does not have a vacation.
MP Mutashar al-Samarrai granting residents of the villages and rural areas and the acquisition of the right to bear arms.

It Rankin MP Abdullah should not be an exception to public sector employees of the conditions for granting leave to take up arms with the importance of granting the license for the heads of administrative units and judges.

MP Taha Ribawar the need to bear arms and not allowed to outlast and the addition of medium and heavy weapons to the list of Mahaddourat.

In its response to the interventions of the Committee on confirmed that the draft law differs from the laws related to weapons with silencers or the fight against terrorism, calling for help to speed up the vote on the law to curb the spread of weapons.

On the other hand the Presidency has decided to postpone the second reading of the draft law and statistics submitted by the Committee of Economy and Investment at the request of the Chairman of the Committee for the purpose of ripening.

The Board completed the second reading of the bill to encourage doctors and anesthesia provided by law for the Health and Environment Committee.

In interventions MP Haider Star on the bill omitted slice paramedics in the field of anesthesia and buyout incentives.

And it demanded the MP high Nassif that includes a bill to prevent doctors from prosecution tribal anesthesia.

I suggest MP Mutashar al-Samarrai granting doctors anesthesia attractive salaries they bear many Ahaqub threat and pressure.

He called Messenger Radi to encourage women's race for the study of this jurisdiction and work.

For its part, the Committee on the on the bill confirmed to take notes of Representatives at stake and that provide written into consideration, praising the importance of further Bondaj and vote the law.

Council voted in principle to the decision, followed by MP Niazi architecture Ihsanoglu on the displaced people who are in Tal Afar, one residential complexes Babil province after acts of terror at the hands of the terrorist organization Daash.

He called the decision to wait to derail the displaced families in the compound consonants and bind the governor of Babylon to find alternative sites for housed, calling on the Minister of Housing and Construction to look for other housing units for alternative housed.

And then decided to adjourn the meeting on Monday 09/14/2015

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Iraqi Council of Representatives