Official forecasts in Basra along the financial crisis next year and warnings of consequences

Baghdad-and babysit - Expect members of the provincial council in Basra, on Sunday, continuing financial crisis over the next year and not for maintaining the allocations to enable them to implement vital projects to improve the service situation, as warned of serious repercussions unless the move towards activating the investment and contracting with companies operating payment formula on credit for the implementation of Some of the projects. The head of the Legal and Administrative Committee of the provincial council, Ahmed Abdul Hussein said that "the financial situation of Basra does not bode well, and may be in the next year, the worst of the current year as a result of the continuing decline in oil prices and increased spending on the war against al (Daash) terrorist," noting that "this It requires the government to move quickly to find alternatives to maximize revenue away from political slogans and auctions, as if seeking to develop the agricultural sector, and the rehabilitation and operation of state-owned factories idle, and support and empower the private sector, in addition to encouraging investment. " Abdul-Hussein and pointed out that "Iraq should benefit from Iran's experience that interfaces within the past few years, severe economic sanctions, however, maintained the cohesion of the internal economic situation," adding that "Iraq is the most vulnerable to and affected by a large international conspiracy aimed at Russia and Iran and Syria."

For its part, the Chairman of the reconstruction and development of the provincial council flower Albjara said that "most of the projects included in the current General Plan 2015 have not been implemented due to the lack of financial allocations, it is unlikely to be a better situation over the next year, and so dire in Basra on the level of service situation." , pointing out that "the financial crisis faced by the country weakened the local governments in the provinces and have put in the unenviable position in front of the citizens."

Albjara She pointed out that "the local government in Basra, intent on contracting with companies expressed their willingness to implement service projects vital form of payment on credit, but these companies need assurances from the central government, and the prime minister has so far not issued regulations or agree to provide guarantees for this type of transaction "arguing that" the other guarantor solution to ease the severity of the crisis lies in opening the doors to investment in earnest, and that success requires the provision of security assurances to the investing companies and modify some of the legislation. "