Regions parliamentary looking Alloush with capital law and overlapping powers of the Secretariat and the Council of Baghdad

The Committee of the Regions and the provinces parliamentary hosted, on Sunday, Amina Baghdad [agency] anniversary Alloush and discussed with them the draft law of the capital Baghdad. A reporter for the agency all of Iraq [where] that "the Committee examined with Alloush overlap of powers between the Municipality of Baghdad and the Baghdad Provincial Council and ways to resolve this overlap in the capital law."

The commission said "we are trying to accelerate the legislation of the capital, the law has listened today to the point of view Amina Baghdad and we will listen to the opinion of the Board of Baghdad and the rest of the concerned authorities to the presence of confusion and overlapping of powers between the Secretariat and the Council, which is reflected in the implementation of projects and the provision of services. "The parliamentary committee discussed with Alloush demands of the demonstrators services and is located on the secretariat in its implementation. For its part Alloush said" that despite of the difficult financial situation and the state of austerity in the country but were positive case at the same time by relying on self-financing 100% in project implementation and to maximize resources and research economic steps more practical, especially since the Municipality of Baghdad have direct contact lives of citizens. "She drew Amina Baghdad [Agency ] that "the Secretariat embarked on since last month's implementation of its plan for the winter season and may be accompanied by heavy rain by cleaning up sewage networks despite its need for reconstruction being old."

She added, "we have withdrawn several projects of reluctant companies and we've accomplished work instead."