Ani accuses Washington of being behind the "projects division suspicious" in the Arab world
Sep 13 2015

Baghdad has accused the leader of the Alliance of Iraqi forces Dhafer al-Ani, on Thursday, the United States of being behind the "projects division suspicious" in the Arab world, blaming them responsibility "drain" the region's wealth and the displacement of their children. Ani said in a statement: "It's no coincidence that repeated the idea of dividing Iraq and Syria on the lips of senior US officials in recent times, particularly those who Atsenmon intelligence sites of high-level under justify acceptance of the fait accompli." He added that "repeating these views reinforces our conviction that the American administration what continue its policy known to the Arab region and based on retail basis and fragmentation continues along sectarian, ethnic and religious considerations. "He said al-Ani, said:"

There is no doubt that the United States take responsibility for the outcome of the nation modes of times for identity and tearing of the entities and the depletion of its resources and the displacement of their children and the exhaustion of national states Whether direct military aggression or occupation, or by encouraging civil wars in order to boot partition or the so-called draw a new map of the Middle East. "He pointed Ani that" This is a violation of international conventions adopted to respect the borders inherited without division in order to preserve international peace and security. "The Chief of Staff US Army outgoing General Raymond Odierno, announced in (August 13, 2015), to achieve reconciliation between Shiites and Sunnis in Iraq more difficult, considering that the division of this country, "may be the only solution" to settle the sectarian conflict that has torn, while the US Embassy in Baghdad confirmed , in (April 29, 2015), that the United States policy toward Iraq has not changed, expressing support and support for a unified Iraq. often accuse Iraqi politicians of the United States of seeking to divide Iraq as "any price", and seem extremely resentful about that, while calling some of them to counter what they call "the projects division."

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