Parliamentary Defense: Washington is not authorized to stop operations in Anbar, and their presence there to resolve the situation
Sep 13 2015

(Voice of Iraq) -Baghdad confirmed the Committee for Defense and Security Parliamentary, on Sunday, that Washington is not authorized to freeze military operations against (Daash) in Al-Anbar, and noted that the United States justified its presence in Anbar as an alternative for "resolving "The situation there, as revealed urgent meeting of the Security and Defense Committee to answer it, has ruled out a clash between US forces and the popular crowd.

The committee member said Niazi architecture Ihsanoglu said that" the US administration is empowered to freeze the activities of the Iraqi army and popular crowd in Anbar, "noting that "freeze those forces means control (Daash) liberated areas again." He said Ihsanoglu, that "the Foreign Relations Committee and a representative of the US Department of Defense recently raised the possibility of the presence of US forces in Anbar as an alternative to resolving the situation there," pointing out that "the security and defense committee in the House of Representatives will hold an urgent meeting to respond to the US steps. promised Ihsanoglu, that "it is unlikely that the US forces stopped the crowd and the military in Anbar operations," stressing that "the popular crowd forces will continue military operations in Anbar."

He ruled out a member of Safe and defense committee, "a clash between the crowd People and US forces, "adding that" the arrival of things to that point means the occurrence of an international war and return to square one. "A senior security source in Anbar province reveal, on Sunday, for the freezing of US forces to the work of the Iraqi army and popular crowd in military operations department currently in Anbar province, and that "the US deployed in a number of military bases to maintain troops equipped military Mgara belonging to the sons of the tribes of arms of US combat wheels without reference to the central government. The province of Anbar, has seen fierce fighting and control organization Daash on most of the cities of the province, including Ramadi and Fallujah western regions and the loss of hundreds of dead And wounded among the military and police and civilians during confrontations

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