Iraqi Foreign Ministry responds to Stewart’s remarks : They are not giving a positive message
Sunday, 13 September 2015

Shafaq News / The spokesman of the Iraqi Foreign Ministry ,Ahmad Jamal responded on Sunday, to the American official’s statements about Iraq not being able to return to what it was previously, describing the statement as "totally unacceptable", while considered these statements as do not give a positive message to support the Iraqi government in its war against ISIS terrorist organization.

Jamal said in a press statement, that the Defense Intelligence Agency and the American director's comments (Vincent Stewart) as well as the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency ( CIA ), John Brennan are totally unacceptable statements by us and we believe they are not positive at this time. "

The Iraqi Foreign Ministry spokesman commented on these remarks and said that "the Iraqi people today are united against the terrorist attack and this difficult circumstance that Iraqis are going through today proved to us that they are united in risk."

Jamal explained that "ISIS today includes more than 80 nationalities , it is better for these countries to stop the fighters who flock to ISIS and carry the nationalities of these countries rather than questioning the unity of Iraqis and their country."

The director of the US Agency for Defense Intelligence , Vincent Stewart said in previous statements on Saturday, that "Iraq and Syria fragmented as states and cannot be return back as they had been previously , because of the war and sectarian tensions," adding that "Washington is not seeking this goal but it is likely to occur."

For his part, CIA director, John Brennan said that "the borders of the two countries, Iraq and Syria are still intact and the governments of the two countries lost control of the state where the succession is established by ISIS organization and still extend between the border."