Washington is Iraq's minority armament

Follow-up scales News - Received the Iraqi delegation networking during his talks in Washington, which he is visiting since the end of last week, US promises of arming minorities and the expulsion of "Daash" from northern Iraq.

He revealed a member of the Council of Nineveh province, one of the members of the delegation, Ghazwan Hamid told "Sputnik", and seen by / scales News / that "American military commanders have promised to support regiments affiliated minority ranks of the Ministry of Peshmerga, for the Liberation of Mosul and Nineveh Plain from the control of the organization Daash terrorist".

Hamid added that "US statements suggest to us that the zero hour to uproot Daash of these areas is due to the federal government in Baghdad exclusively, and the steps that began the battle of liberation is expected to begin in the next few months."

Hamid said, that "the Americans have promised to provide air cover, in cooperation with the international aviation alliance, to secure the liberalization of the Nineveh Plain and Mosul."

He briefed the delegation "networking" on US foreign organization "Daash" against component in Nineveh and facilitated crimes of displacement, murder and kidnapping and the absence until the moment ".anthy 29 / d 25