25 Personal governmental receive training to develop the oil sector in Iraq

BAGHDAD / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network (IMN) - Chairman of the Committee and civil society organizations Tavkh Ahmed confirmed the participation of 25 parliamentary personal and government in the course of natural resources management Institute of transparency place in the Lebanese capital Beirut, pointing out that the delegation included 15 deputies and 10 advisers to the presidents and ministers.

The Minister of Oil, Adel Abdul Mahdi, earlier, that Iraq and for the fifth consecutive month managed to break records figures in oil sales.

He said Ahmed's (IMN) "The session aimed to develop the oil sector in Iraq through workshops and training on revenues in Iraq, natural resources and the decline in oil and Amaagath, as well as the employment of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative."

He continued that "the session saw the participation of a number of parliamentary committees which civil society and women, legal, oil and energy, integrity and financial and health organizations, which will continue for three days from 13 to 16 of this month."

And called on the Supreme religious authority earlier, the government need to activate the sectors of agriculture, industry, investment in non-oil resources to supplement the budget with more funds.