Commission hosts Economy and Minister of Industry and Minerals

Commission hosts Economy and Minister of Industry and Minerals
12 September 0.2015

The economic and investment commission headed by MP hosted Jawad al-Chairman of the Committee on Saturday 12/9/2015, Minister of Industry and Minerals, Mr. Mohammed Darraji and his accompanying delegation to discuss the ministry's plan and policy reform for the next phase.
Chairman of the Committee of Economy and Investment at the beginning of hosting and stressed that the situation faced by the country is now on the security, economic, and particularly after the drop in oil prices in the world market levels, reflected negatively on the living conditions of the Iraqi people, and increased the severity of the problem is the failure to achieve food security and industrial security.
Bolani He said that the recent policies of executive power and the most important of the allocation of $ 6 billion in loans for industrial and agricultural and housing sectors, are awarded for the creation of small, medium and large projects will have a significant impact in the economy moving and absorb large numbers of the workforce and therefore can alleviate some of the problems faced by our country ".
Bolani confirmed that Iraq was one of the leader in these industries countries, is that the previous regimes policies affected the activity across handcuff the private sector who was driving the industrial movement which caused the public sector, which failed in its development, referring to the current efforts moving towards the adoption of a new policy starting from development of a strategy such as petrochemicals, construction, pharmaceutical and food industries, thereby reducing dependence on imports ratios which cost us huge amounts of money every year to be exploited locally if it has the right environment.
For his part, Minister of Industry and Minerals Mohammed Darraji detect the presence of mafias internal and external, politicians implement policies centered on the retention of Iraq behind industrially and hit the national industry to ensure the survival of dependence on imports, which reached exaggeration to more than $ 300 billion a year, or the equivalent of 51% of Iraq's oil revenues.
The minister stressed there than in the country does not have the desire to develop the industry, as well as having views impede the work of the ministry of industry and investment in the minerals sector.
Darraji and between his ministry and within the reform project embarked on an inter reforms, including elimination of the phenomenon of sag experienced by the ministry companies either through merging near each other disciplines or transfers its factories and take advantage of the potential of companies or assets such as land and facilities and so on. "
Darraji He said the most important goal that we seek to achieve is to reach Iraq phase industrial country, and the creation able to meet the local need at least Industries, to benefit from the good experiences owned companies, and also the adoption of mechanisms of partnership with a reputable international companies or through investment, and this is what happened recently sector petrochemical industries with Shell in terms of investment volume reached nearly 10 billion dollars, as well as the automotive industry and many of the achievements that will be the beginning of the start of a successful future. "
Darraji and called for a legislation cut-year retirement to employees.