Allen reveals edit Mosul date
BAGHDAD ((eighth day))

Gen. John Allen, President Obama's envoy to the coalition forces against the said ((Daash)), that the battle led by the World Coalition against the ((Daash)) long-term, but they achieved a lot, while pointing out that the liberalization of Mosul would be within months.

Allen said in an interview with ((Arab)), The liberation of Mosul would be within months, but warned emphasis on timing.

Allen said during the months I can say that, but I want to be very careful in guessing, a question can the Iraqi military leadership to answer.

He added that the time is not in favor of ((Daash)), because this organization often target weak governments, and the Iraqi government began to strengthen the pillars of governance.

He also expressed his belief that the tribal leaders in Iraq will play a greater role, and they will not allow the creation of climates return ((Daash)) or Ncoeh organization such as ((Daash)).

He pointed out that land seized by ((Daash)) was reduced, saying, "Of course they have seized new territory in