Maliki's coalition is the appointment of an ambassador to Doha in Baghdad "inappropriate" and parliamentary relations describing the activity as "hostile"

Long-Presse / Baghdad
Committee on Foreign parliamentary relations confirmed on Saturday that rejection or acceptance of Qatar's new ambassador in Iraq depends on the opinion of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and with drew to its objection to the Activity Qatar toward Iraq, describing it as "hostile" since 2003, described the coalition of state law step Qatar to appoint an ambassador to Iraq as "not currently appropriate" after opponents of the political process of the Conference. The emir of Qatar, Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani issued an Amiri decree on Thursday, appointed three envoys Ambassadors Extraordinary and launchers validity of both Iraq and the United Arab Emirates and Poland, where it was set, "Zayed Rashid Kumait happy" to be ambassador to Iraq. A member of the parliamentary Committee on Foreign Relations Mithal al-Alusi said in an interview to the (long-Presse), "We do not object to the Iraqi government and diplomatic activity in the issue of building relations with other countries, including Qatar, but we object to the Qatar behavior towards Iraq."
He said al-Alusi, said that "the behavior of the State of Qatar to the Iraqi people was not benign, but had since 2003, conduct hostile Iraqi state, the people and Government, also set up by the Doha recently shows that," noting that "the strange and shameful we have to be made up of 400 state thousand person leading the reconciliation project the size of the State of Iraq and its history. "
He said al-Alusi, that "the history of Qatar and its size has not and will not qualify to play the role of the Magistrate or the collection of the Iraqi warring parties, by virtue of the State of Qatar is the name given her money and wills."
He said al-Alusi, "as we must not forget that there are many visits to Qatar has previously represented by Foreign Minister, Interior Minister and other figures such as Ammar al-Hakim of the Iraqi government, and this is to intercept them, but did not raise such visits over the country to interfere in Iraqi affairs."
However Alaolci, said, "but any country when nominate an ambassador, Vqubolh or not depends on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Iraqi Foreign them either to answer acceptance and welcoming the Ambassador of Qatar or rejection, and it does not have nothing to do with the House of Representatives or any other."
For his part, the leader of the coalition of state law Salah Abdul-Razzaq, that "the issue of opening the Embassy of Qatar in Iraq happened some time ago through contacts and meetings, and the appointment of an ambassador now is a sequel to those steps, and that of the government."
He said Abdul Razak in an interview with the (long-Presse), that "politically, the Qatar after its embrace of the Doha conference, which brought together a group of wanted judicially for Iraq and the Baathists and the extremists, it became inappropriate to appoint an ambassador in Iraq with the present."
He said Abdul Razak, "perhaps Iraq is preparing to receive the subject of appointment of an ambassador to Qatar after clarifying the relationship with the path, and whether conspiracy and will continue to embrace Conference opponents of the Iraqi political system, or will begin construction of a new fraternal relations based on mutual respect for the two countries."
The Abdul Razak, "so it should be clear path relationship with Qatar First, Vomor open embassy and appoint an ambassador becomes a simple order, but now In astray complexity of things in relationships and political rejection of the Iraqi General of the Doha conference, it is not appropriate to appoint an ambassador to Qatar in Iraq."
The Iraqi foreign minister, Ibrahim al-Jaafari, declared, (from the 29th of May 2015), the agreement with Qatar to open an embassy in Baghdad and the resumption of diplomatic work, stressing the need to increase cooperation between the two countries.
The Qatari Foreign Minister, Khalid Bin Mohammad Al Attiyah, visited Baghdad, in (the 28th of May current), on an official visit to discuss several common issues with Iraqi officials, in a move that is the first Qatari official to the country since 2003.
And going through the Iraqi-Qatari relations in the stages of a tug of war since 2003, and even now, at the time accused some Iraqi political forces Qatar of interfering in Iraq's internal affairs and finance some terrorist groups, did not seek the State of Qatar after the fall of Saddam's regime to improve its relations with Iraq, which some say was the lack of welcome political change that took place then.
As Antkdat escalated some Iraqi parties to Qatar after holding the opposition to the current political process in Iraq destinations (third from September current 2015), a conference in the Qatari capital Doha, while sites and news reports dealt with the presence of Farhan Hassan, from the leaders of the Islamic Army, and former Vice President of the Republic , uncontrolled death, Tareq al-Hashemi, the former finance minister, who is wanted by the Iraqi judiciary, Rafi al-Issawi, as well as traders, businessmen and leaders of the former Iraqi army and Baath Party.