A member of the Parliamentary Integrity: questioning of the Minister of Defence about abusing his position and corruption armament contracts

[Baghdad - where]
a member of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee said he will be questioned Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi in the House of Representatives about the exploitation of his career and administrative transgressions.
High Nassif said told all of Iraq [where] that "in line of what is going through the country of reforms, whether the legislative or governmental activate the oversight role of the House of Representatives to question Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi, on the grounds that all the formal and legal procedures have been completed for
questioning." The questions interrogation of al-Obeidi directed to the Presidency of the Council of Representatives and Talat them and therefore this does not keep the area in front of you do not specify the date of the questioning, noting that "Questions will be comprehensive saluting that there are administrative irregularities as well as the exploitation of al-Obeidi career office for his personal interests and irregularities Administrative its decisions in the General Staff as well as several questions about corruption for decades entered into by the ministry.
"The head of the House of Representatives announced on 29 August that he was collecting signatures to interrogate al-Obeidi, on charges of financial corruption and Adarei.anthy